Top Ten Best MLB Teams


The Top Ten

1 1998 Yankees

All hail the yankees! They ruule!

2 1927 Yankees
3 1970 Orioles

They didn't have Ripken back then, they had guys like Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Boog Powell, and Jim Palmer

Gota love the o's in the 70's with ripken

Heck! They had Belanger at short! Belanger was unarguably the best fielding shortstop of all time! Check his stats! I’m not saying he was an mvp, he didn’t hit, but his presence was impactful for sure! He deserves to be mentioned when talking about the greatness of Brooks and Frank and Boog and Palmer. I like the Cardinals more than I like the Orioles, and I know Ozzie belongs in the Hall of Fame, but Ozzie’s defense is second best to Belanger at shortstop. Belanger was amazing!

4 1975 Reds

They must've been thinking joe morgan when they said lou brock, haha. And the manager was Sparky Anderson. Also Dave Concepcion and Caesar Geronimo, both underrated players.

Had pete rose Johnny bench and lou brock and on of the best manager

Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, and great pitching!

Lou Brock? Where'd that come from?

5 1961 Yankees
6 1986 Mets
7 1929 Athletics
8 1907 Cubs
9 1992 Blue Jays
10 1939 Yankees

The Contenders

11 1921 Giants
12 1984 Tigers
13 2003 Marlins

The Marlins of that year won the world series despite not having any superstars and one of baseball's lowest payrolls that year

14 1918 Red Sox
15 1987 Twins
16 2008 Phillies
17 1991 Twins
18 2004 Red Sox
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