George St. Pierre


This guy should be second not third the competition he had in his prime was amazing and the fights he fought was great. Anderson silva fought old competing and beat them with ease but when he fought someone young he got beat twice, some say his loss was unlucky but I don't believe he was winning the second fight against weidman anyway so to me personally he isn't that great but gsp always fought tough opponents and proved he is worthy of second greatest

GSP in my opinion is the greatest all round MMA fighter that has ever set foot in the octagon.

He has a deadly stood up game with his impressive signature "jump punch" move which is effective and entertaining to watch. Equally effective with his kickboxing and boxing game.

He is also a very effective submission artist. Rear naked choke/armbar he has put to use to rack up his wins.

It's difficult to fight an opponent like GSP for any fighter. He doesn't seem to have a weak "anti style"

25-2 and maybe his day isn't over. Maybe he will be back to compete in UFC 200?

I certainly hope he will be back!

Very technical, explosive and smart fighter. He should be number 1. He is the Muhammad ali of ufc

I always say george because fedor only fights nobodies and freaks and anderson really went down in my ratings in the damian maia fight

Best pure martial artist ever... like a chess player of the highest caliber at fighting... will be considered the best ever.

The Most complete fighter, still young will go down as one of the greatest if not the greatest!

The level of competition faced by georges is incomparable. He rarely lost a second of a round

GSP should be number 1 considering his opposition and dominance. He wasn't a can crusher like Silva or Fedor so being number 3 is puzzling.

GSP always fights with a master game plan on his hand. He can put Anderson Silva's skills into a test and defeat him.

The man has class lout the wazoo as well as being a fantastic fighter,and did I mention humility? He is a great human being in every sense of the word

How is Fedor #1? He lost 3 times in a row in Strikeforce (all 3 of those fighters now high ranked LHW and HW in the UFC) which shows he would have gotten crushed in the UFC. GSP would easily take out Anderson Silva with his amazing wrestling, which is Silva's weakness.

Gsp should be number one I wish him and anderson silvia would fight already

I have followed the UFC since it's inception. the above statement is correct, in that George has fought the best. Dana White should let George fight in the U.FC.. He carried them for many years, & still has a huge fan following. Dana pay your fighters.They are superior athletes & should be compensated accordingly.

The question isn't "who was the greatest fighter in his prime." Fedor and Anderson both endured deep declines in their careers. GSP retired in top with a near flawless record. GSP also avenged both his losses. So who is the MMA Giat? GSP is the answer, without question.