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UFC is the leading MMA organization around the globe.

Ufc all the way!

2 Oktagon MMA

Best europe organization

Best of best great fight

This is war paradise

One of the biggest

3 Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki

It's raising and raising. Decent fighters. One of the best to find in Europe for sure.

Very good organization just need a bit more foreign fighters


Ya UFC is the big dog now, but back in the day it was pride. Pride I believe did some shady stuff but I believe it helped UFC get to where it is just by providing some competition and goals for the UFC. Until Pride was sold it had the better heavyweights, regardless of what Sonnen says

Pride was the greatest. They had all the best fighters in the world at the time ( Fedor, Nogueira's, Mirko, Hendo, Wanderlei, Shogun, Jackson etc)

Pride is the best

5 ONE Fighting Championship

OFC has grown amazingly fast to challenge the standards of UFC.

Better then ufc

Future of mma

6 Bellator Fighting Championships

Top fighters fight for titles not like UFC that doesn't give interim champs title shots(tony ferguson, colby covington, stripped montano for no apparent reason) UFC is just aweful for fighters unless you are a star. That is why Bellator is my current favorite organization.

Pays fighters well and has top talent, in my opinion it will take over as number 1 in MMA within the next decade.

Great organization very simple and professional venue no fireworks going off during fighter intro.

7 Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB)

Acb russian organization

8 Strikeforce

Greatest show I ever saw

10 M-1 Global
The Contenders
11 WEC
13 Extreme Fighting Championship

Best mma on T.V. right now

14 One Championship
15 Cage Warriors
16 Rizin
17 Brave Combat Federation
18 King of the Cage (KOTC)
19 Legacy Fighting Championship
20 Jungle Fight
21 Invicta Fighting Championships
22 Lyon Fighting Championship
23 Combate Americas
25 Fight Night Global
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