Top Ten Best MMO Browser Games

This is a list of the most popular web browser games. Web browser games are different from the the MMORPG becase it requires no downloads.

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21 The Crims
22 Hero Town

I'm pretty new to Hero Town. It's pretty easy to figure out what to do. There is a tutorial, and a real friendly community that is growing each day. You can grind levels or skills, or if you like to explore there is a lot of that to do too. There is a lot of potential with plans to add a lot more. If you are looking for a good and very addicting browser text game then this is it.

23 Soccer Manager

For all soccer fans, this is a game that really close to the famous Football Manager game. Give it a try, it's FREE!

24 Mastermind.LI

Seriously excellent game. Tons of depth, but is pretty easy to hop in without any experience. V2 is looking really slick.

Pretty fun multiplayer game. No download or email verification crap either.

25 Hostile Space

Hostile Space is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes place in a vast persistent galaxy. Players take on the role of a star ship captain with goals including planetary exploration, mining, bounty hunting, smuggling goods, and taking on terrible space monsters. There is a diverse set of races and classes to select from. Rewards include ship upgrades, new weapons, psionic abilities, new skills, and alien technology. Gameplay is focused toward small team play but soloing is possible throughout the game. Since the galaxy is persistent, new quests are available every day, and new areas/creatures are added regularly. - roctkd

26 Shakes & Fidget
27 The Black Sky Project

The Black Sky Project is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously trying to be the best. All you need to play is a standard web browser (FireFox is recommended).

We're the best Space Simulation RPG on the net and, if you don't believe us just create an account to find out for yourself.
A space strategy game in real time.
Play along with hundreds of Users.
No downloading, it will require only a standard browser.

28 The Secret Republic
29 MonstersArmy
30 Batheo
31 Fantasy Online

Best retro mmorpg game ever, you can choose four diferent classes and battle a lot of dungeons, rebirth, ascend and have a lot of fun, a big and friendly comunity, costumes and much more completely free forever, I can't stop playing it

32 Order & Chaos Online
33 Cycling for Fun
34 Caesary
35 Hexxit
36 Fallen Sword
37 AlphaBounce

I am not sure if it fully fits the genre, seeing as player-to-player contact is (or can be) very limited. It is an amazing browser game regardless. - Maplestrip

38 Travians

Not to confuse with Travian, singular. A fun MMO with a world that slowly opens up for you. It's basically a skinner box, but the house decorating and communication with other people creates a nice package. - Maplestrip

39 Clash of Clans
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