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1 Clash of Clans

love it

Very good game. I like it

It is a very intresting game and Iike it

This #2 I the top ten worst mobile games and #1 in best mobile games? Costs too much for upgrades. Takes too long to upgrade. Horrible chat. Supercell nerfed everything. Forces you to spend real money just to get good at it. The worst mobile game I've ever played.

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2 Robbery Bob

Dumb game boo...

Its not dumb it’s fun

It is epic

3 Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Best Tower defense Ever!

4 Jetpack Joyride

The best but not that good - kingdab1

Love the game. No problems here! - Goshawk

5 Flappy Bird

This game sucks. It's cheaply made and a waste of time. - Mcgillacuddy

People rage so much and its funny. But over-all it's a very well designed game.

This game is sooo badd, the pipes is ripoff from Mario series

Number5? HOW?

6 Extreme Road Trip 2

It's a game so its good. ( I don't even know)

7 Clash Royale

There are so many different deck possibilities and all the cards are always balanced out so that they are never too good or bad...well...except sometimes *cough elite barbarians *cough. It was a very well persecuted game idea.

It is the best mobile game ever

Addicting as hell, I love it.

Gameplay has no tactic involved and it was designed before the corporation "SuperCell" was created, in old 1998. Overrated game.

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8 Minecraft - Pocket Edition

I am so mad right now. I searched through this list, and Sonic Dash is not even in the top 100. Look up on Wikipedia the most played mobile games of all time, SonicDash is 14th on the list with 200+ million downloads! How can you put Despicable Me: Minion Rush (which is a similar game) above Sonic? Not to mention all of these
1. Candy Crush: This game SUCKS
2. Hill Climb: Are we serious right now?
3. Dumb Ways to Die: The word "dumb" is in the name for a reason
4. Subway Surfers: Classic game, but Sonic is just a better version of it!
5. Pokemon Go: People died playing this game. come on
This list is screwed up and needs Sonic on this list. I am F'd up right now.

This game is... Just amazing! This app has made over 15MILLION sales! You have your own world in which you must survive, by farming, building, fighting and mining. Hostile monsters will come and attack you at night if you haven't made a shelter, but if you don't like fighting you can just go into creative mode and build build build!

Worst edition of Minecraft. Minecraft sucks ever since Micro$oft bought it. The updates are terrible. It's always 1 on top charts. A minecraft fanboy put this on here.

This is the worst Minecraft edition. Minecraft sucks anyways, it is just too overplayed. - cwoodkiter

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9 Doodle Jump

Sorta fun. - Goshawk

Fun buh makes u mad - kingdab1

10 Plants vs Zombies

Good game for zombies and plants

Great game, should be in the top 10

It's a better game for all


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The Newcomers

? Monument Valley

It's a simple and relatively short game, but it is such an artistic and beautiful experience. - Atham

? Azur Lane

The Contenders

11 Cut the Rope
12 Respawnables

Best game

13 Geometry Dash

This game is great - ElSherlock

This has to be higher.

So amazing

This should've been added a long time ago

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14 Angry Birds

Must be on the 1st place!

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy playing this sometimes, but it's a ripoff of Crush the Castle which only became popular because it's on mobile and it was made for kids. - Mcgillacuddy

It is superior

Must be on top 5

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15 Candy Crush Saga


Worst game I have EVER played

Game sucks a lot, but Pokemon Go is way worse.

Crappy game made by crappy developer. - DCfnaf

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16 Army of Darkness

I like to play

Best ever

17 Block City Wars


Nice game

18 Dumb Ways to Die

Overrated. It sucks. Scum.

Such a fun and funny game with a cool song - Spongehouse

I just love it

1: It is really funny!
2: It has a video that doesn't need internet.
and 3: Another reason I cannot think of!

19 Temple Run

So FUN! I honestly prefer the 2nd one. - Goshawk

I love this game

Fun to play buh gets boring quick - kingdab1

20 Crossy Road
21 Disney Infinity 3.0

Love it! It' really fun! - Goshawk

Takes way too much space.I ain't gonna spend 4GBs to one game - Triceratops

22 Smurf Lite
23 Piano Tiles 2
24 Plague Inc.

Love this game - MelonMan


i played it on pc but its not my personal favorite game because of a saving error during the scenario editing

25 Fruit Ninja

How is this not in the top ten? I LOVE THIS GAME! - TheMinecraftGamer

26 Angry Birds Rio
27 Subway Surfers

This is really fun in my opinion! I never get bored with it! - MrQuirky2019

28 Blitz Brigade

I play it

29 SongPop 2
30 Temple Run 2
31 Infinity Blade III

Such a good game! Love it! - KILTAH

The whole IB series pushed the iPhone.

32 School of Chaos

Harass game

33 Tetris
34 Angry Birds Star Wars 2
35 Bejeweled
36 Block Gun 3D Haunted Hollow
37 Kingdom Rush: Origins
38 Diamond Blast
39 Five Nights at Freddy's

So bad, just awful!

Still trying to convince my mom to let me play it!

Five nights at freddys

40 Atomic Bomber
41 WWE Immortals WWE Immortals
42 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

This is good like clash of clans - TENTACRUEL

Pokemon Go is best and coc is the worsssdt

For people saying the game is garbage, ok but it's better than Clash of Clans or any other mobile games. - MaxPap

No, this game caused a lot of crime. It does not have any creativity,

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43 Kingdom Rush
44 Slenderman
45 True or False: Quiz Battle
46 Playman Summer Games 2
47 Pixel Gun 3D

This should be number one. I don't know how it is below cooing fever. - KILTAH

What this game at 45? Pixel gun is not the best game(since pay to win)but it should be at least top 20

Better than Minecraft PE Has better graphics, controls and the multiplayer is amazing this should be number 1

It is a great game and one of the few good mobile games out there. - USGC

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48 The Sims FreePlay
49 Bloons Tower Defense 5

A classic - Atham


50 Cooking Fever

I love this game.

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