8 of the Best Mobile Games I've Played So Far

I'm sure many people have at least one game on their phones, and I can't say I blame them. We all need a little entertainment on the go when things get tedious and when we don't want to cough up $200 for a Nintendo 3DS. With all of the different games on Google Play and the App Store, it can be kind of tough to determine which are good and which are not, regardless of the reviews and ratings because everyone has different tastes when it comes to games. Also, unless you're that casual, we shouldn't be playing cheap crap like Flappy Bird. I've decided to compile a list of 8 of the best mobile games I've played during my time with phones and tablets, and I hope this list will help those who want to play good quality games on their phones. Also, this list will consist of games that still exist today. I won't be putting games that can no longer be played.

I was quite hesitant towards this game considering that it's a mobile game, but it's probably one of the best RPG games to have release for mobile and it embodies the spirit of Final Fantasy perfectly. The turn-based combat is perfect, the game has a nice storyline, and the events for the game are fantastic. I was able to play alongside Lightning (and even play as her character) in an FFXIII event and I also joined up with Cloud Strife in an FFVII Remake event. While the only downsides I have with the game is that you can only play as one character and not multiple characters at a time, and the 3D visuals aren't at their peak on phones, this game is still an incredibly fun play and you will definitely enjoy it if you love FF.
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This is probably the closest alternative to a true mobile Pokemon game you'll ever get. Monster Super League is a turn-based RPG where you can collect over 500 different monsters and progress through the campaign and rise in the online ranks. It is simply one of the most fun and addicting RPG games I've played on mobile considering the amount of content it has. If you like Pokemon, or if you're into the turn-based RPG genre in general, I highly suggest checking this out.

I'm gonna go out on a line here: this remains to be the best mobile game I've played. While its downsides are its large size and some heavy grinding, it is easily one of the cleanest mobile games I've played yet. In fact, it's so good that, with maybe some added content and less grinding, it could've been a console game. The graphics are stunning for mobile, even at the lowest settings, the controls are super easy, the action is fast-paced, and there is a lot of content already in the game compared to other mobile racing games. Asphalt 8 plays like Need for Speed. It's a fast-paced street racing game with fun tracks and a very nice car count. Anyone who's looking for a good racing game will be impressed with this. Even to this day, this game still hasn't lost its flair.
Similar games that are also good: Real Racing 3, Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

You may know about this one. Pixel Gun 3D is a Minecraft-styled FPS game, featuring both solid online and offline features. The controls are easy to pick up, the offline campaign is fun, and the online features are extensive. While I've lost interest in this game over the years, I can't deny that it has been one of the best FPS games I've played on mobile.

There are a lot of hack n' slash games for mobile, and I've played a lot of them. Out of all the ones I've played, I've held on to Tome of the Sun for the longest. I found it to be the most addicting and most polished of all the other ones I've played. The progression system feels more complete than the others.
Similar games that are also good: HIT, Kritika: The White Knights, Dungeon Hunter 5, Taichi Panda

Deemo is a story-driven, rhythmic game where you tap the screen along with the music. The music in this game is fantastic and the story is beautiful and intriguing. It's quite a difficult game, though, and the game takes up a lot of space.
Similar games that are also good: Cytus

With the downside of this game being that you have to make a purchase to save your progress (same with PinOut), this game is very addicting. It is a casual endless runner where the idea of the game is to break glass with marbles before you run into them, which may sound boring, but again, it's more addicting than it sounds. The levels get harder as you go along.
Similar games that are also good: PinOut, Alto's Adventure

Since the release of Rayman Legends, I have quickly become a fan of this series, and I was overjoyed to see a free Rayman game for mobile. The game plays nearly close to Legends and the controls are super easy. The levels are also challenging and the game, as a whole, is a near-perfect 2D platformer for mobile.
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