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21 Playman Summer Games 2
22 Angry Birds Rio
23 Blitz Brigade

First person shooter with five different classes with plenty of game modes and maps to keep you entertained for hours. I would have put it higher if not for the annoying and constant weapon repairs. - Cheese567

24 School of Chaos V 1 Comment
25 Fruit Ninja

How is this not in the top ten? I LOVE THIS GAME! - TheMinecraftGamer

26 Block Gun 3D Haunted Hollow
27 Geometry Dash

This should've been added a long time ago

Really good, you can build amazing levels and share them

#52? It should be higher.

This game is really fun! I'm rusty though - PeeledBanana

V 4 Comments
28 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

No, this game caused a lot of crime. It does not have any creativity,

This game is pointless. - cwoodkiter

Bruh like are you kidding me thus wasn't on the list like like this totes deserves to be on the list it's like totes the garatest thing like ever like definitely like - Hater

Of course

29 Metal Gear Solid Mobile V 1 Comment
30 Slenderman
31 Yetisports Pingu Throw
32 The Sims FreePlay
33 Super K.O. Boxing
34 Rollerball
35 Pixel Gun 3D

Better than Minecraft PE Has better graphics, controls and the multiplayer is amazing this should be number 1

I love this game! Look at top 10 guns in this game. Try this game it is really addicting!

I love this Game - Ace_of_spades


36 Marvel Future Fight

Great game that has many marvel characters - Triceratops

37 Bejeweled

Candy crush is the more popular match-three puzzle game but I decided to go with the original. An excellent time waster with several different modes all guaranteeing a fun time. - Cheese567

38 Star Dunk
39 Bejeweled Multiplayer
40 Despicable Me: Minion Rush
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