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41 Yetisports Pingu Throw
42 Bloons Tower Defense 5
43 Super K.O. Boxing
44 Pixel Gun 3D

Better than Minecraft PE Has better graphics, controls and the multiplayer is amazing this should be number 1

I love this game! Look at top 10 guns in this game. Try this game it is really addicting!

It is a great game and one of the few good mobile games out there. - USGC


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45 Rollerball
46 Cut the Rope 2
47 Plants vs Zombies 2

I enjoyed almost all of this. Instead of making every plant creepy *cough cough GARDEN WARFARE cough cough *, it kept old plants, made awesome new additions, and used DLC RIGHT.

48 Hoops
49 Marvel: Contest of Champions V 2 Comments
50 Shadow Fight 2

Excellent game, should be much higher. Decent storyline, beautifully animated cinematics, excellent graphics for a mobile fighting game and excellent gameplay. The fight mechanics are smooth and somewhat realistic. The game offers a variety of different modes as well as heaps of gear ad equipment.

51 Fate/Grand Order

It's finally getting an English release this summer in 2017! Can't wait to download it and play it! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

52 Despicable Me: Minion Rush
53 Bejeweled Multiplayer
54 Monster Legends

Damn this game gives me so many memories. I've started playing again and it's still as good as it was before, the monsters have designs that can vary from cute to badass. Plus how is Clash of Crap 1st? Monster legends is the same but with monsters instead of barbarians and all that. This is so underrated it's ridiculous, should at least be in the top 10 - mathyfox441

I hate Dragon City. I love Nebulous and Monster legends

Nobody cares about this game.-Enderman

Don't forget Arkhenotep! This game is normal game better than Real Racing 3

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55 Jurassic World the Game
56 Dell Magazines Crossword
57 Where's My Water
58 Galaxy On Fire 2

This game is so amazing, the best mobile game I've ever played. The best part is is doesn't require an internet connection so you can play it wherever. - Thisgoronsonfire

In my opinion, the best. - PinkFloyd99

59 Steven Universe: Attack the Light

Steven Universe is awesome



60 Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

I just finally downloaded this game on the Google Playstore, and so far, I'm quite enjoying it! While my only complaint is that extra long loading time near the beginning of the game, the wait is pretty worth it once you get into the gameplay. The gameplay mechanic system is surprisingly easy to get used to and the game truly captures the elements of the SAO universe and RPG's. That, and the game has endless possibilities as you complete daily quests and missions along with a story mode based on the anime and an all-new original story as well! Man, I'm going to be playing this game as much as I can for quite a while. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If you are an SAO fan, I recommend you get this game. It is extremely fun and addicting. Gtg, I'm in the middle of a boss fight :3 - Absolite

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