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41 Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
42 Galaxy On Fire 2

In my opinion, the best. - PinkFloyd99

43 Bejeweled

Candy crush is the more popular match-three puzzle game but I decided to go with the original. An excellent time waster with several different modes all guaranteeing a fun time. - Cheese567

44 Star Dunk
45 Plants vs Zombies 2

I enjoyed almost all of this. Instead of making every plant creepy *cough cough GARDEN WARFARE cough cough *, it kept old plants, made awesome new additions, and used DLC RIGHT.

46 Marvel: Contest of Champions V 2 Comments
47 Playman Beach Volley
48 Cut the Rope 2
49 Hoops
50 Where's My Water
51 Jurassic World the Game
52 Asphalt 8

This game should be top 10. It's incredible - Mcgillacuddy

53 Plague Inc. V 1 Comment
54 Racing Rivals
55 Injustice: Gods Among Us

One of the best free-to-play fighting games on mobile, and with NO pressure to make in-app purchases which only offer the option to purchase what is already available in game for those who don't like to grind.

The game has a remarkable roster of classic DC characters that is STILL growing and the gameplay is fun and addictive. Easy to pick up by casuals and more core players alike, it may keep you more hooked than even its console counterpart!

56 Mortal Kombat X
57 Infinity Blade III V 1 Comment
58 Game Dev Story
59 Piano Tiles 2
60 Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2
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