Myphone does not just release and release androids out to the market, they make their surveys first before doing so, by doing that, they not only know what the consumers want, but know if the product will fetch well in the market as well. Unlike other brand wherein as soon as you buy the product that is the only time that you will know that you have made the wrong choice. Myphone users will never switch to "other" local brands, but cobnsumers of "other" local brands will consider changing to Myphone, and they will not regret it because it's the best local brand out here in the country

I used Cherry Mobile, it sucks! Battery is always the issue. Always call the customer service and replied with "wala pang stocks" after 2years, tinapon ko na, wala pa rin sila stocks. I shifted to myphone Q19i Querty. No problem with battery and the unit. I bought 2 of Q19i 2010. Until now still working very well. All member of our family now shifted to myphone, mom, dad, sister, 2 brothers, maids and uncle & auntie. I have A818 and A919.

If you're new to android. Avoidt the cheap android phones like samsung galaxy y, etc. Instead buy the a919, great specs, and awesome camera! AFFORDABLE PA!

Made to last. Made with perfection. For the people of the Philippines. Only brands like MyPhone add to the quality of the research and development stage of economies of scale. Even without paid advertisement, MyPhone can take over the android world because of its products and I can attest to that.

Not to mentioned the term cheap. Sometimes priced is not only the factor in considering the so called SULIT smartphone. Myphone deserved to top the contest because of its undeniable superb quality and durability. Go Myphone!

Very famous when it comes in durability. You won't regret in buying phones from MyPhone cause of its services and products you will be updated in trends.

MyPhone The Best! I have one of this phone and I love it! Because of the apps and pinoy contents! Really love it

I love using My Phone because It was durable and affordable, specially their android phones with high resolution I enjoyed playing games using My Phone. Thanks! To My Phone

Quality, specs, and price is perfect for all filipino mobile users... That's why myphone has "super brand" awarded.. It can be use to other countries (for OFW). This brand is the best!

Affordable with great features on it fast, good video resolution and picture quality is super fine and fantastic sleek design body in crystal pearl which is very nice and cool to handle.

First time myphone user. Got my myphone a919 from sun cellular. No second thoughts about it. Good decision & right choice for me. I'm proud to be pinoy!

MyPhone and original 1st Pinoy brand phone. Cherry just followed MyPhone steps... Gaya-gaya pa and Cherry Mobile.

Myphone a919 is the best.. I have one and until now, it works super fine.. Plus, I can upgrade it to jelly bean..

I haven't yet had this exciting stuff MY PHONE but I know they've already got my attention when I found out and checked its amazing quality.. I'm excited to buy for their latest model INFINITY LITE or the infinity one that must be a higher quality than the LITE ONE..

I bought myphone a919duo a year and a half ago. Its still doing well, though my daughter has thrown it away for so many times.. after all the heavy and reckless usage I can't believe that it is still functioning very well considering the cheap price. Cheers to myphone!

Elegance, quality, performance, durability, user friendliness... Rolled into one... Then you got MYPHONE! To top it all AFFORDABLE!

When I was in HS, I lost my iPhone 4s. I think it slipped out of my pocket while I was at a public transport. I was so depressed that time since iPhone 4s back then costs for about P24,000.00 and it was my parents who bought it for me. After what happened, I promised myself that I would never use an expensive phone again. So I tried Myphone. At first, I admit that I wasn't so happy about it because it's far beyond my expectations. But eventually, I fell in love with it. It may not be as classy as iPhone or Samsung, but despite that, it delivers what it promised. Now I have a MyPhone Rio and so far I am satisfied with its performance. Now, about the durability, I can say that MyPhone totally nailed it! I'm actually so abusive with my phone because I'm always pushing it off to its limits. And yes! Still works great! This, I consider a "Super Phone." Thumbs up to MyPhone!

Good value for the money. My A878 duo has good viewing angles because of its IPS display, unlike the other brand claiming to be IPS display but color degrades when viewing in angles. It does what I'm expected to be. - johndanvermonroymasiong

So far, so good! Value for money when I got A919i Duo for P7, 900 at the Launch Sale. Have to do some tweaks first on the phone to enjoy and maximize it further. The best local android smartphone so far at the market.

I just recently bought a848i.. In terms of performance, I can say that myphone is the best phobe manufacturer of smartphones today.. Literally bringing technology to all pinoy..

MyPhone's competitor brand got better specs and offer lesser price, but Quality and after sale support speaking, that's where they failed to capture Pinoy's Market for local brand of mobile phones! Kudos Myphone

Unlike other local brands, MyPhone releases its phones already quality checked. This means that its features may have already been perfected. And the price is reasonable.

No false promises. They'll definitely give you the best performance you ever wanted based from what I've experienced with my new myphone a919i. Thanks and more power!

Two MyPhone units, best buy, never failed me until now. Works as well as advertised.

Best brand for me. Affordable. Good quality. Awesome camera quality