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21 Kata

Kata is an amazing mobile. Regardless of its normal quality price, Kata is a good mobile to have it have good quality

Dropped the phone from second floor without a casing and its not even scratched! Amazing Durability!

Kata Smart Phone are very nice because Kata are Speed, high quality to camera, back and font and watch movies,

I really love my Kata i3s and KataT Mini 2 <3 Best Smartphone ever!

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22 Firefly

Yap it's the firefly intense that showed how dumbed it is to buy other brands on the 5 - 8k budget. Firefly intense got the most value, the best screen

Camera and performance is good also its physical appearance better than cherry and my phone

I love the quality of this phone... And your right super bilis...

good specs

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23 Arc Mobile

Arc mobile MEMO is the best.. No lag ever..!

The Best PHONE EVER Nitro 450qd

This is the best brand phone ever!

Yeah no lag! The best
brand of phone when it comes to performance and software operations

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24 Xiaomi

I have bought a Redmi 4x Note and it's my best smartphone experience ever, compare to 2nd hand high end non Android phones. For me the most important is high specs, not how popular the brand is. This phone is also made for both upper and lower class people, an high end phone with a price of toy like or class less phones.

I have bought a Redmi 1S and I am impressed with the specs. The price is also affordable considering the good features the phone possessed. Being a tech meticulous individual this phone has root permission & I can do a lot of tinkering on it.

I've been using redmi2 for almost a year. specs is best value for money. software, however, is not that great. but a lot of good people at xda are bridging the gap so I can enjoy the latest android update cyanogenmod13(marshmallow) on my phone, and it's never been better.

25 SKK

Promising phone and budget friendly, excellent camera, very responsive

SKK Mobile. The best mobile phone I ever tried.

SKK is the hottest phone now their lynx and ding ding

Great company!

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26 DTC

I've been using it for almost 5 months.. And it works so great.

Reliable phone at the right price..

I like dtc it has very good quality phones I love their dtc smartphones

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27 BlackBerry

Being unique is the best, no need to compare.

One word to describe blackberry? Exclusive.

The best qwerty keypads. Distinct.

Elegant yet useful. You can totally say it's worth it!

Super duper fab! Love it! Totally!

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28 Polaroid

I want to try this brand.

29 ZH&K

It's my phone the phone ever

Because my phone is zh&k

It's a nice phone

Now with Ms. Jennylyn Mercado

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30 Gionne

Because GIONNE is nice phone

Id like to try it..
I saw one..

Wrong Spelling. It should be spelled as GIONEE


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31 Valenzuela Phone
32 Gionee
33 BS Mobile

Affordable and friendly user

Sana may course na ganito

Meron akong BS Mobile phone Model A8, maganda yong sound niya very loud speaker but it has no default browser that you can download anything and search on Google, if your friends or your parents calling, it has very very loud sounds and different to other mobile phone na mahina and speaker Hindi katulad nito, but the problem for this mobile phone ay pagkatagal tagal mo nang gamit Hindi na mo function and chargable battery and dali na itong ma lowbat. I can't imagine myself na ganoon lang mangyari.

34 SKK Mobile

SKK is cheap and low quality in terms of software and hardware function

35 Motolite

I bought one just today and it sucks to know that it works even in cars.

36 CKK

The best android made of all.. ^^

37 Meizu

Best and cheap phone

Value for your money!

Best bang for the buck sp.

38 Happy Mobile

Awesome specs for such very low price. Good deal for me.

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39 Astra
40 Kyocera

Is this popular in the Philippines

Great phone for the money

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