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41 Coolpad Dazen

Nice features!

Coolpad is best mobile

One of the best mobile.

Coolpad rocks

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42 Walton

They have some really good android phones... Nice, flexible, cheap and durable... Best mobile phone company from South Asia...

Best mobile phone in Asia

They are too damn GOOD


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43 China Mobile

Malata mobile

China mobile bakavas phone

China samsung se aage hai

China donia ke sab sa good compny ha
China is a best compny of the world

44 Infocus

The best front facing camera of all in focus mobile phones

Greatest phone at cheapest rate

InFocus has 118 Service centres and best in class rating

Nice smartphones of infocus brand

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45 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

How did u forget this

Microsoft is better than nokia

It gives best quality phone at lowest price but the Samsung and apple gives the Same quality in above 50000

Microsoft is my favourite company because its functions are the best

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46 Infinix

Infinix s is a blast

They are good with their Infinix zero 3. This phone has all features like those Samsung galaxy S6 possesses. You can get this phone cheaply compared to Samsung, it more expensive.

I have infinite zero 3 its features are awesome

Best In low PRIcE

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47 Tecno

Best of all try it

48 ZTE

It is one of the best mobile company

Good phone is so much for the first one the other phone

The worst phone ever

ZTE world first 5G phone

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49 iBall V 4 Comments
50 Ureka

This is amazing mobile at that time

Absolutely fantastic phone with superb camera clearity and hd display...i like it,

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51 Swipe

This is not bad mobile...but the best mobile in world is huawei...its camera is awesome..

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52 Optus
53 Seimens
54 MTS
55 Boost
56 Voice

Voice Mobile is the best Cell Phone & very excelent parformece Thank you

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57 Zen

This is best company of mobile

Good looking smart phone

No problem mobile phone

Zen is the best phone

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58 GLX

Iranian is the best best

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59 Obi

This is the best mobile company

60 YU

This very good and reliable company its products are really awesome...

It's a new company based in India and it has been denominating the Indian company for a while now, Love all its phones!

Really good phone best phone small price

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