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21 Sony Xperia Z1

I'm using nokia lumia 720 and Samsung Galaxy S3 but so far this phone is better than Samsung Galaxy S4

22 iPhone 5c

Good phones from 6 of my iPhones, very good one from just a 40000, I like it very much. its really a promising phone from which I have

23 Micromax Canvas HD
24 Nokia Asha 311
25 Sony Xperia SP

Come on man... D music n d lighting is just awesome! Next level stuff...

26 Q Mobile A12
27 Samsung Galaxy Star Duos

Best mobile phone ever...

28 Motorola Moto X

Very smooth Android experience, virtually no manufacturer 'bloatware' for as pure an Android experience as one can get. Great build-quality, great screen, even the speaker sounds exceptional. Battery life is a strong-suit too. Arguably most importantly, anyone frequenting a 'fringe' coverage area can also agree that Motorola makes the strongest, most reliable cell radios, especially compared to Samsung and LG. Other than for tech-spec bragging rights, I can't for the life of me understand why Samsung's phones are so much more popular considering their general inferior build quality and cheap cell radios. One of my brothers switched from a GSI and is thrilled; other is likely to follow suit when his contract is up.

29 Nokia Lumia 1520
30 Galaxy Note 2

Bigger screen, best processor.

31 LG Optimus G Pro
32 LG Google Nexus 4
33 LG Optimus 3D
34 HTC One X
35 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
36 LG Nexus One
37 LG Thrill 4G
38 Sony Xperia ZL
39 HTC Windows Phone 8X
40 Nokia Lumia 820
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