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21 Sony Xperia U
22 Apple iPhone 5s

Wouldn't trade it for anything

23 Samsung Galaxy S4

It's is the powerful phone in the world. I, m going to love it if I had it!

It's the best phone deserves to be in top 5 not in top 20

It deservs in top of all phones it is worlds best phone ever

24 LG KP500 Cookie
25 Blackberry Z10
26 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The most advanced smartphone till date... easily beats the iphone 5

27 Samsung Instinct s30
28 LG Chocolate Touch VX8575
29 Sony Xperia Z1
30 Nokia Lumia 1020
31 Samsung Jet
32 iPhone 6
33 iPhone 4
34 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I'm guessing this is an old list, because the iphone 5s stands no chance over the iphone 6s

This is an old list, and I can't add the Galaxy S8+, so this is the next best.

U don't say...

35 Samsung Galaxy Note

Simply the first phone which introduced the world to phablet series, if note is not made there were no 5inch phones now in 2013

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36 HTC One
37 Nokia Lumia800
38 Samsung Galaxy Beam
39 MyPhone A888 Duo

Best dual core phone with an affordable price compare to other big brand in the market, the only mobile brand with a PinoY Contents. Proud To Be Pinoy! And tunay na PinoyPhone ng bansa.

40 Nokia Lumia 1520
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