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41 Apple iPhone 5c

It's cool and is way better than a Samsung galaxy s3 (wich I currently own) I had a look at my friends now it's the tooting on my wish list (laugh out loud)

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42 Nokia 3310

I had this one as my first mobile phone... It could make phone calls and messages which is the main job of any mobile phones and it was really fast and practical even though it didn't have internet now I own a samsung phone and I am stuck with lagging every time I try to do anything and by the way my nokia is still running perfectly and it doesn't even has a scratch on it looking at you samsung...

Saw one in the phone recycling bin, the box wasn't even broken and it was made of cardboard!

Haha most indestructible phone

Nobody, absolutely nobody! Even Chuck Norris can't crack this Bit*ch up!

43 Palm Pre
44 Sony Ericsson P1 Smartphone
45 Nokia N8

wtf n8 is doin here at no. 11, its d best phone, 12 mp camera with carl zeis. You can capture videos in hd! how many phones in this list have it?

46 Sony Xperia P
47 iPhone 5
48 Samsung Galaxy Note Grand
49 iPhone 4s
50 Sony Xperia Z5

I'm pretty sure that it's the only phone with a fingerprint scanner built into the power button!

51 Blackberry Bold 9700

Best phone without a doubt. Quite a lot of nutcases on this. Sad really...

52 Nokia Lumia 520

Um... WHY isin't the lumia 520 in the top 10 list, if you ever had one you would obviosly vote for it and hope it gets number 1. If you compare this phone with let's say an iPhone 5. on amazon. Com thelumia 520 unlocked is $144 and the iphone 5 is $570. Is the iphone 5 4 times better than the lumia 520?

53 Blackberry Curve 8520
54 Nokia C6
55 Sony Ericsson Experia Arc S
56 HTC Desire S
57 HTC Evo 4G
58 Nokia Lumia 710
59 Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
60 Samsung Galaxy Ace
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