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201 Outline In Colour

Fantastic metalcore group that should've already been on this list.

202 Savage Messiah
203 Anathema

Anathema is a band that when you listen to it you can feel that it's playing with your soul and your mind! It can mess up your mind! They lyric's are the one of the most psychological, philosophic lyrics has ever written! You can't understand what I mean till you listen to it yourself!

204 Nothing More

These guys are just amazing, the self titled album is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. You should definitely check songs like: This the Time, Mr. MTV, Christ Copyright, and Jenny.

205 Chimaira Chimaira Chimaira was an American heavy metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 1998, the group was a notable member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene.

One of few modern metal bands that, well, actually play(ed) metal. It's heavy, it's aggressive, it's full of attitude. Metalcore, post-thrash, groove, or whatever you'll call them, they did it the right way.

This is a joke, right? Placed at 173? They're uncomparably superior to all the other modern metal bands, like MH, DD, KE, AX7, Bullet For My Valentine, etc. I have truly lost faith in modern metalheads...

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206 DevilDriver DevilDriver DevilDriver are an American heavy metal band from Santa Barbara, California, formed in 2002, consisting of vocalist Dez Fafara, guitarists Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann, bassist Diego "Ashes" Ibarra and drummer Austin D'Amond.

Should be in the top ten

207 Bhayanak Maut
208 Bloodsnot
209 Stoned Jesus
210 The Holy Guile

This band is like the best when it comes with breakdown.
The growling are way more better than Corey Taylor's screaming
Instrument wise they are just so overwhelming, the speed is incredible and the synchronised instrument and both vocals are also way better than Attila

211 In this Moment

Maria is hot as hell and the band rocks

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212 Electric Wizard Electric Wizard Electric Wizard are an English doom metal band from Dorset, England. The band formed in 1993 and have recorded eight full length albums, two of which are now considered to be genre landmarks.

Had revolutionized metal and still crushes it today

213 Tenside
214 Ghoul Ghoul Ghoul is a thrash/death metal band from Oakland, California. Though the members' actual identities are meant to be concealed, it is known that some members or past members of Ghoul also play or have played in other bands such as Impaled, Dystopia, Wolves in the Throne Room, Exhumed, Phobia, Asunder more.
215 Carnifex Carnifex Carnifex is an American deathcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2005, they are currently signed to Nuclear Blast after having been signed to Victory Records and have released five full-length albums and one EP. The name of the band is derived from the Latin: carnifex, meaning "butcher" more.
216 Leviathan Leviathan Leviathan is an ambient black metal solo project of Jef Whitehead (A.K.A. Wrest), formed in 1998. Wrest records and plays all instruments including vocals entirely on his own. Despite having early problems with the release of Massive Conspiracy Against All Life, it was released March 24, 2008 in Europe more.
217 Hammerfall Hammerfall HammerFall is a Swedish heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by ex-Ceremonial Oath guitarist Oscar Dronjak.
218 Hatchet
219 Finntroll Finntroll Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal.
220 Korpiklaani Korpiklaani
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