Top Ten Best Modern Rifles/SMG


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21 Beretta PM12-S2

Excellent as per accuracy and handling

22 AK-12
23 Heckler & Koch MP7

Simple stopping power of assault rifle and as compact as an smg

Slightly excessive rof, low damage, and arguably weird feel. Great for cqb though.

24 M14

Combining the rugged Garand action with the considerable power of the 7.62x51 NATO round, the M14 is a relatively lightweight, accurate, and reliable firearm. First introduced in 1959, its numerous excellent characteristics have kept it in service until today, first as a battle rifle and subsequently as a squad sniper rifle. What more can you ask for in a rifle? - DTWoodworth

25 CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1

I love czech guns.

26 AK-74u

The first and only rifle that is not gas operated. No overheat and less maintenance bec of less carbon deposit

The first and only rifle that is not gas operated. No overheat and less carbon deposit

28 SAR 21
29 AK-103
30 Mp5k
31 PP-2000
32 PP-19 Bizon
33 SA80 A2
34 Heckler & Koch G36C
35 SA80 MK3

Mk1 crap the magazine kept coming of and the bolt handle stuck out pain in the ass mk2 kept jamming noted in the first gulf war due to sand mk3 well one off the deadliest rifles with kill over 800 m in good hands

36 Heckler & Koch HK416

Used by socom!

37 FAMAS (Clarion)

I used, I loved, never let me down.

FL vet, 2 Reg. Para

38 Steyr Scout

Built in bipod, why not?

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