My top 5 bands

OK, whoever wrote these bands in order needs a check up. First, Red, is WAY too low, along with Disturbed and Chevelle.Those bands all contain deep dark song meanings that touch the heart and motivates people. The songs talk about daily problems in life the singers confronted, but also have an awesome beat.

Second, Avenge Sevenfold, only has like two or three good songs. They should be probably out of the top ten. Also, some of the bands in the top ten I never even heard of, like theres a band called the bridge or something lol? Green day has gone downhill. And there's a lot of bands like seether, Metallica and especially ACDC that should be way, I mean way higher.

Although, I do agree, overall, that LP should be #1, even though its not #1 for me, but I love hybrid theory, meteora, and minutes to midnight, along with some other songs scattered in other albums. IMO, linkin park isn't consistent, they should be lower, but still top 5. I love breaking Benjamin! They're no doubt a top 5 band, #1 IMO. Talk about consistency, almost all of their songs are awesome! Enough said. Three days grace is definitely a top 10 band. I don't listen to the much, but they make good music.

In the end, Red, Disturbed, and Chevelle basically should be higher on this "list". They should no doubt all be in at least top 20. Here's my top 5.

1. Breaking Benjamin

2. Red

3. Linkin Park

4. Disturbed

5. Chevelle/Three days grace tie.


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