Avenged Sevenfold

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Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative rock band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). ...read more.


I think most people can agree that most of the music that the "normal" will listen to doesn't include rock on their list (highest they'll go is probably alternative). I listen to rock for three reasons: 1) The message behind the song. 2) The background music. 3) The attitude of the songs. Avenged Sevenfold is perfect if you are looking for those reasons. They will make songs for the subjects that matter, like the problems people have to go through everyday or when they lost there drummer they made songs about him too. Each song sounds different two, examples: Dear god goes for a soft rock tone for most of it while Afterlife uses more classical instruments like a piano or violin. If you want a rock band with everything you could look for in rock, I recommend this band.

Avenged Sevenfold is one of the best, if not the best modern rock/metal/alternative rock band. Each album has a diverse and unique sound. And every aspect of their music is great. From Zacky and Syn's crazy duel solos to the heavy metal riffs and crazy drum fills. And lets not forget the legendary singer for the band: Matt Shadows. His unique voice and his overall talent adds a whole new layer to their music. And it is truly amazing. And how could we forget Johnny Christ? The talented and beer loving bassist of Avenged Sevenfold. He has some pretty cool bass lines too. Overall Avenged Sevenfold is a great band with a unique sound and deserves number one. There is many more reasons why, but they would be way to many to name.

No Doubt Man! Avenged Sevenfold or A7X is the best rock bands of our generation yeah it's true all Avenged Sevenfold member they were a best friends since they was a little kid except Arin Ilejay because he was a new member for replacing the rev.. M Shadows and The Rev was the guy who bring that bands go to the high level and Shadows has incredibly high Fry Screams and his voice is great he can combine the distorsion for fry screams and clean vocals his fry screams sound like beast like devil or like demon what ever you say and long duration and now the rev.. The Rev was a best drummer in the world one of the best drummer of all time he can do a fast tempo and he create a new technique for playing drums who never create that in the world that's technique called "the double right thing" or "the double octopus" the rev create good songs like afterlife, almost easy and here they now today as the greatest rock bands in the world

Simply the best. These guys are multi-talented artistes that write their own songs that are of multiple sounds.M. shadows has got one of the most unique voices I've ever heard and dude can flat out SING! To quote from one YouTuber, 'Shadows is not a vocalist, he's a singer. ' Synyster Gates? Man, catchy riffs with speedy guitar playing, sweep-picking and a fine lad. Zacky is as good a rhythmic guitarist as you can get and Johnny's not just your average bassist. Love Arin who brought youth and life back into this band and he's drumminh skills, damn! Not to forget the one and only, Jimmy Sullivan! R.I.P. jimmy. And ALL of them are ' HOT too!

Song that got me going: Seize The Day. But I've since loved ALL their songs ever created. They converted me from a poptard to a rock lover and that should mean something. A7X FOR LIFE!

These guys have more talent than the vast majority. Their creativity with their vocals and dueling guitars are their staple. Sadly, Their drumming was standout caliber as well, until the unfortunate passing of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. One of their guitarists, Syn Gates, is in a league of his own. Whether your a fan of milder or harder takes on the genre of rock, one thing cannot be denied, Avenged Sevenfold plays a pivotal role in retaining the standards and relevance of modern rock music. This band is a top 5 lock, #1-2 potential given the exact criteria for ranking.

Not an easy thing to pick the best rock band especially with so many good ones out there. But A7X has consistently brought their A game from the get go... They record albums that produce numerous hits every time, their live show is always just straight rock n roll but never boring... And the talent speaks for itself. The icing on their super group cake is their story of growing up together straight outta the LBC and the tragedy of the death of their drummer the Rev. They keep steaming forward as though the stars are aligned to seat them in rock n roll history. No matter what happens to these guys or what they do, they always shine!

You CANNOT go wrong trying this band out for a listen. Shadows voice puts me in awe sometimes as he breaks the limits of his own voice! Their music goes from Metal (Bat Country, Buried Alive, Bromton Cocktail), Rock (Afterlife, Almost Easy) Core (Shattered By Broken Dreams), to even aweing Ballads (So Far Away, Sieze the Day)Each song M. Shadows writes has such meaning! Forever my favorite band!

Avenged Sevenfold had a unique sound to them- something that most other bands have greatly struggled to accomplish. Linkin Park WAS decent. But now they've sold out while experimenting with pop sounds. With synyster Gates and Johnny Christ backing him up, M. Shadow has create what I believe is the most incredible and influential sound of this era. The rev created chemistry within the band unlike anything I've ever heard. He's gone now, but they're moving along. But with revival of rock coming up, I'm pumped an felt that I need to say how I feel.
Avenged Sevenfold FoREVer

Let's get them to the top because they are way better than Linkin park synyster gates is my idol very funny man and amazing guitarist and zacky is an amazing guitarist too they are the best duo I ever listened to the rev was a legend Arin was good too but brooks in my opinion is right up there with the rev I think jimmy would approve of him and johnny is an amazing bassist

Avenged Sevenfold is the type of band which you like more and more when you know them more. They are all very good musicians, and they are also good in many other type of music. For E.G. , The Rev (a7x drummer) can play piano, guitar, drums, bass and even gives back vocals, which also goes for the others. They were all true friends. Some from their childhood and some from their high school days. Linkin Park and other bands are also good but most of them were not really friends (meaning:not friends from the start of band, like Linkin Park, they took Chester Bennington from an audition). And also, their music is nice and may be a bit 'satanic' or too 'metal' for others, for a7x fans it is very nice to listen to and is very catchy. Their albums and all their songs are great in my opinion. Other Bands are great too :D

M. Shadows - Possibly the best vocalist in 25 years in any rock band

Synyster Gates - Hands down the best lead guitarist of our generation.

The best part of A7X is that their music stays true to its roots while integrating new styles. With that they will never have a bad album like most bands do.

Linkin Park? Number 1?
Let's be completely serious here, Linkin Park is a joke. If they were the last "rock" band on the planet I wouldn't listen to them. I listened to them when I was like 10, but that was before I knew what good music was.
Avenged Sevenfold is what a rock/metal band is all about. Every album they put out is a different experience for the listener. Avenged Sevenfold has something for everyone. You have M. Shadows who has such an unique voice that it can't compare to anyone else. You have Syn and Zacky tearing it up on guitar. Johnny is a monster on the bass. Then of course you have the Rev who is just an amazing drummer. Even then Arin Is doing just as great of a job. This is definitely the best modern band of our generation in my opinion. They are destined to be called classic rock in the future.

Greatest rock band in history when they're all said and done. Linkin park was the best, but their time has far past. Breaking Ben? No thank you. Not even close. M shadows has the best rock voice in history. He's showed he can do anything. And the Synyster/Zacky combo is unbeatable. Heck even their bass players epic. Only let down is Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan is no longer with the A7X team. But greatest rock band in history right here!

This band is absolutely amazing in what they do. They have the precision it takes to be a metal musician yet they still combine the emotion that rock musicians convey into their songs. Each album they produce has a completely different style to it but you undoubtedly know it is them with their unique guitar tones and stylistic signatures to M. Shadow's powerful edgy voice. They have a solid sound and yet they explore more. This band is undoubtedly the rock band of the decade.

Avenged Sevenfold is number one. Period. They went from metal-core, screamo, emo, thrash metal nobody's, to hard rock/heavy metal Kings. Every album they make sounds different from the last. They've created some amazing music on every one of their albums.

Just to list off a few:
Bat Country
Almost Easy
Beast and the Harlot
Buried Alive
Unholy Confessions
Hail to the King
This Means War
So Far Away

If you've never listened to Avenged Sevenfold give them a try. You won't regret it!

I agree that this band is down right the best I've ever listened to. A band that can master slow/sad songs and hard/metal songs with precision and intricacy is hard to come by, but Avenged conquers that with ease. I've been to 4 or 5 of their concerts now and they've never disappointed me. HAIL TO THE KING!

Screw linkin park, they have SOME good songs but Avenged Sevenfold is pure music. M Shadows has a unique and an amazing voice, very noticeable throughout all of their albums ex. Waking the Fallen - City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold (self titled album) The two guitarists in the band Synyster Gates and Zachy Vengeance bust out the most amazing solos. Whether they perform together or by themselves is outstanding. linkin park should give up its #1 spot and let a real band take its place.

Everybody knows what A7x are all about. But they are still in second place, well I don't mean that A7x should be number 1 but at least the number 1 should be deserving one. Linkin park don't deserve that. They shouldn't even be in the list. They are all crap and are nothing compared to the the epic " AVENGED SEVENFOLD".

Come on this should definitely be higher than Linkin Park. They used to be pretty good but now all they are is rap, they took too much away from both rap and rock and just went into rap, they should NOT be considered rock whatsoever. A7X is going to be the next Metallica and Guns N Roses they are a great band and should have the respect as #1 they are absolutly way better than anything Linkin Park has ever recorded. A7X foREVer

This band is just amazing, I love their sound, lyrics... Almost everything. The band members are role models to me (or rock and roll models, like Zacky said). They gave me inspiration and their music helped me through life. Not to forget their AMAZING guitars, drums and vocal ability.

Avenge sevenfold has always surprised me with there twist in music there lead vocalist m shadows makes the sound of the music explosive with his vocals, and his band is amazing. Plus nightmare, dear god, bat country and beast and harlot are badass songs. In my own opinions avenge sevenfold are #1 don't get me wrong linkin park is an amazing band but avenge sevenfold seems to wow every body.

Funny how people rip on the #1 ranked band Linkin Park for selling out when Avenged Sevenfold sold out even worse. Their first album was metalcore and then they switched to heavy metal. Now, selling out was good for them because metalcore is garbage, but I'm just saying. People are hypocrites.

Yeah I just Voted and changed A7X to 2nd place. A7x is extremely talented. While Linkin Park is "good", they're not even a rock band. That's Nu Metal for ya... While I don't know what band really deserves 1st place, I definitely know who to give my vote to. Have you ever heard this bands guitar duo? Yeah... Insane.

Avenged is way better than linkin park when you actually look at who makes all their music without autotuning and based on the actual content Avenged has more hits and more dedicated fan base all around and linkin park has lip-singed A LOT at their live shows and made other fake

Avenged sevenfold is the best rock band out there right now.
I don't understand how people think Linkin park is #1. They play pop music now. They haven't had a decent guitar part in their last 3 albums. It's all synthesized garbage to me. Linkin Park was #1 in the 2000s, A7X is #1 now.