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Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.


Oh, god. I love BVB so much. You have no idea. I've discovered them like a month or so ago, and as I'm going through a tough time I instantly fell in love with their lyrics. They help me a lot when I need it, they make me feel understood, they make me feel alive. That is all I ask for. I used to listen to pop music a lot, you know, social media got it stuck on my mind for all my life. I can't say I stopped listening to it because I would be lying, but I really am enlarging my repertory, and I can say that, right now, Black Veil Brides are my favorite band of all time. Seriously guys, go listen to them. If you need to feel some warmth and you feel lonely, they are the right people to help you. No kidding. JUST GO.

Black veil brides is the best band ever. I love the fact that ALL their song means something important to different people and they have awesome rock songs. Their new album wretched and divine is the best album I have ever listened to. They are awesome ANDY, JAKE, JINXX, CC, ASHLEY are the best people in one band you can hope for they awesome love bvb. BVB FOREVER!

I've been listening to Black Veil Brides for about 8 years now. Not only do I feel like they truly embody rock in their sound, but they also preach all about positivity and loving yourself and coming together to feel stronger. I know they're very controversial but I think in fifty years when people look back they'll truly see how much of a difference they made in the world.

Black Veil Brides is definitely my favourite band, they put a lot of effort into creating great music, and they are extremely attractive. If you ever see me listening to music, you will definitely hear one of their songs blasting from my headphones. In my opinion, this is one of the best bands in this generation. Probably THE best band.

This band is one of the best bands I have ever heard and I am so confused on why this is 37, I mean this band has saved many lives. BVB's music is so passionate if you really listen to the lyrics, examples include:

-Fallen Angels "Take joy in who you are, we know our wings are flawed"

-Goodbye Agony "Living a life of misery, always there, just underneath, haunting me, quietly alone. It’s killing me, killing me, dead and gone, what's done is done, you were all I had become, I'm letting go of what I once believed, so goodbye agony"

-Knives and Pens "And I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on."

-Rebel Love Song "Wild and running for one reason, they can't stop us from our freedom"

-Heart of Fire "You want a fight, I'll bring a war! "

-Devil in the Mirror "I'm just a human not ready to die. My voice is a weapon, my fear is a lie"

Just a few... And if you don't vote for their music, then vote for their looks. I mean ...more

I personally think Black Veil Brides should have at least been in the to 20. That band can make music amazingly, they can sing amazingly, and their lyrics are so heartfelt and deep... the lyrics mean something. I also personally love their look. They remind me of the glam metal bands from the eighties.

They're mature, in a good way, amazing music, all the band members are awesome and value their fans, and so what if they have a specific style of dress that's a little conspicuous? It just gets their message across that it doesn't matter as long as you're happy doing what you do. They're all just amazing and I would say more, but most of it's been said. I love other bands too, but right now I'm really into BVB!

I four these amazing people by accident, but I'm glad I found them. I love their music for various reasons, mostly because they write about things that relate to their own lives. They are so sweet to their fans. Black Veil Brides needs to win because they are the best of all these bands.

Not only is their music amazing, but they are an inspiration. Black veil brides helped me through the toughest times due to the deep lyrics I was able to relate to along with the passion they give to every aspect that a band needs. No way do these belong on #38!

Black Veil Brides has changed the way I look at things. They've taught me to never give in or never back down. I love the way their music always sends a special note to the listener. I also love the face that all give of them weren't treated the best in their lifetime and they try hard to lighten everyone's spirits. BVB has changed my life.

Best band I don't see why they are at 49 they deserve so much more I'm sick of people only caring if something has got pop in it it's so mainstream it's unfair why they are this fare down when they have saved to much more lives than crap like one direction or paramore

What? Why is this 49th place? This is an awesome band! COME ON PEOPLE, THIS BAND IS AWESOME!

- from a rabid teenage fangirl

You know what just listen to them. They don't use any voice overs, and everything you hear is real. They are altogether good people, They act like a family! Their songs saved my life because I truthfully saw no need to live. Then I heard one of their slowest songs 'Savior'. This song spoke to me, I could either use that rusty razor and watch myself bleed out or I could let my wounds heal. So listen to their music if you like it fine, if you don't, then don't say you like the band, don't drool over Andy, or Ashly, CC, Jake, and Jinxx. If you don't don't like them then you can go live your life and I'll go live mine. If you have any problems with that just remember I have a middle finger too.

One of my favorite bands only behind Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. Deserves to be in the top three. Their songs are deep and meaningful and you can't beat Andy Biersack! An amazing band.

Its sad that Black Veil Brides broke up recently but you should still listen to them they really revolutionized rock. Especially with their amazing concept album Wretched and Divine the story of the wild ones.

Yeah... Totally awesome band. They don't have a bad song in my opinion! I've loved both albums so far and new song 'In The End' sounds pretty amazing!

To me they are bringing back classic rock which is amazing! They are not complacently classic but more like a mix of screamo, punk, and rock.

God, I love this band... Not only is their music inspirational, but their sound is amazing, and they constantly put on fantastic performances. They love their fans. They are super underrated, this is crazy... TOP TEN, definitely. Plus, they all have pretty amazing life stories and struggles to relate to. BVB Army

Guys please listen to In The End by black veil brides. It will surely blow your mind. The lyrics are so damn awesome and so is Andy's beautiful voice.

They are so awesome! My first or second favorite band ever. So many great songs! My favorite song by Black Veil Brides is probably Saviour but I love them all!

They're an amazing band. They're the reason I started to listen to this type of music. The first song I heard of them was in the end. Best band ever!

I wish people would try to like them. They've helped a lot of people through hard times with their music...

How is Black Veil Brides not any higher? They are like THE BEST BAND EVER! They surely deserve a higher place. Their music is amazing, and the band members themselves are really friendly.
This band needs to be in the Top 10. Andy, Ashley, CC, Jinxx and Jake form the best band I've ever listened to! Listen to these guys, they're DEFINITELY worth your time! The moment I heard them, I fell in love immediately. Keep on rocking, guys!

They are by far the best rock band I have ever here come out of modern day.

The best I love them at least they don't rap like linkin party or Hollywood undead, rap isn't rock