Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


Amazing band with so many great songs (also pretty consistent with the exception of Thousand Suns- they were better before in my opinion with Hybrid Theory and Meteora but they still have released some great songs in that last couple of years). Also Chester Bennington's voice is amazing and Mike Shinoda's rapping talent is in my opinion, still underrated. The rap metal (is that what it's called) works so well together. Their songs are also pretty meaningful and just the sound is amazing to listen to. Some of my favourite songs are Numb, In The End, What I've done, New Divide, Burn it Down, Castle of Glass, Crawling and Bleed it Out. It's also cool to see them experiment with different styles, sounds etc. (not all I like but I can appreciate them). - aashim.aggarwal

What I love about Linkin Park is the diversity of sounds incorporated into their music, as well the emotion and real-life connections in each song. For example, two completely different songs can be found on the same album: Given up, a song with powerful screams dealing with the struggles of everyday life, and Hands Held High, which incorporates deep raps and group vocals to bash the corruption of government. Also, unlike many bands, the members maintain close friendships with one another, and alcohol and/or drug abuse probably isn't going to cause the band to implode. They are all just a bunch of honest, genuine, hard- working guys.

I love THREE DAYS GRACE. I love BREAKING BENJAMIN. But what makes me to love the most, LINKIN PARK, is there evolution to there rock musics. LINKIN PARK prove all of the haters of Rock Genre that, a Rock is equally adequate to appeal mass music listeners, even if they are not Rock music fan. I know every hard Core Rock music lovers have there complain about LINKIN PARK. But guys, this Group of member had proved them selves against all odds. They did'nt change they brought maturity in there skills. Now we can't this fact, but history will Remember LINKIN PARK for changing the face of Rock Music. Every sudden change brings negative impression first, but IN THE END... We accept and equally praise it.

Fact is that, no one is better than them at this point of time. Other bands are not far behind. But to describe the out of place music which is something different yet extraordinary, I would say They are the best sounding Unorthodox Band...I.e even better than common rock.

Anyway... I would like to do special mention of Muse if anyone searching unique..(Spooky)... Music.

Sings like an Angel, SCREAM LIKE A DEVIL, CHESTER! Voluble rapper, meaningful lyrics, MIKE! Awesome mix, JOE! Rhythm Guitar & Bass, Heavy Riffs, BRAD AND PHOENIX/DAVE! Heavy Drums, Sometimes soft, Rhythm as well, ROB! Members were mixed together to create a best modern rock band, Linkin Park!

I definitely agree. Not only is Linkin Park the best band for there sound but also for there content. The songs of Linkin Park help people through tough times every day. There song are very relatable. All of them are truly hero! As a band they are great role models. Teaching us to help others with their charities. They also teach to never give up. I honestly love Linkin Park!

I seriously knew nothing about Linkin Park until, like, last year. I was into One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber...can you believe it? I listened to such crap right? Until my last December my dad brought a CD of Linkin Park's Living Things and turned the volume full blast so that the whole house would be filled with their GREAT music! When I heard Burn It Down for the very first time, I said to myself "haha...I better stop listening to crap and listen to L.P! " When somebody asks me "hey, what's the name of your favourite band? " Then I give them a smug look and reply in a crazy tone "b€tch! I friggen love Linkin Park! Woo! " - Oldia

Linkin Park is an amazing band.

There lyrics have meaning. The instrumental is amazing. The vocals are great. They are original and don't care what people think about them. They write music they think is good and if other people don't understand or don't like it they just say you don't have to

Best in Rap metal and Nu Metal... Made best selling and singles of this century... With every album with new genre makes them interesting and unique... Only band with a dj, a big time great rapper and the god of scream... Totally no match... A country mile ahead than others... LP FOREVER... LP FOR LIFE

Linkin Park goes above and beyond and they aren't afraid to push the boundaries for every song on every album creating something new and creative unlike anybody else who just stick to one sound only. Not to mention they have the greatest live shows and biggest crowds I've seen. Mike is the best rapper and Chesters voice is one of the best around, just listen to Crawling, even after all the years he still has such intense screams, like on given up. Nothing can beat Linkin Park, They definitely deserve the #1 spot.

Linkin Park have gone to many ways. They've matured enough. Although their new songs can be weird. But it's still them and they've still come up to new variety of music. Thumbs up to them. They are an all around musician. They explore and they've make difference. They're unique. No one else can do what they've did in the music industry.

There are too many things I wanna say about why Linkin Park is amazing and THE BEST BAND EVER! No matter what anyone else says, this band beats out every single other band, I look up to them with all of my heart and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't who I am... I wouldn't even be alive today without them.

LP was the first rock band I ever liked and still they are my top- my absolute favourite of all time. Mike Shinoda is just badass, Chester Bennington- damn that voice, and I can't say anything for the others except that they are all just gods. Best band in the modern day world, maybe for all time!

Linkin Park. The best of best. The reality is Linkin Park has kept the rock music alive in new generations. When I was a kid I would not hear to any rock music but when I heard the album Hybrid theory everything was changed. I started to listen to rock music and all the other bands too but after all this time I still just can't compare anything to Linkin Park not even legends like Metallica or Iron maiden. Truely Linkin Park is now the only successful rock band

Linkin Park was the best bands ever with the combination of rap music's and rock music's they've done they rose to fame. The band has a modern rock influences, although The Beatles were also Great for me I will also support them! - Jason_X_II

Truly an amazing band. Living Things (Their new album) is such a great album. They are so different than all other bands. I have not yet found a band quite like Linkin Park. Love the way they sound. They deserve this top spot.

Yeah! Linkin Park should always be on top because of their most talented band members. Love those six guys. All their songs are so relatable and timeless. They make the most meaningful lyrics and have saved many lives through their music. Love Linkin Park forever!

People are sometimes so dumb. Linkin Park is my favorite band, they are just AMAZING. The thing is, some people think they have gotten worse over time, when actually, they managed to change and still ROCK! (in every single way)
They challenged themselves, when a lot of other bands never do.

Yes! Oh my goodness so happy they are #1 on this list! I've been listening to them almost my whole life! I love them so much! Yay LP for life!
Many people said that their 'Living Things' album was terrible because they began to add less rock, and more electronic, and I tend to agree with some of the tracks on that album, but when they listen to the crowd and put out an awesome album like the 'Hunting Party', it shows that they put effort in putting awesome music that people will enjoy. A true, and remarkable proof to why Linkin Park will always be the very BEST when it comes to today's rock!

Complete package in one band,
Best Music,
Best as per song theme & life inspiring - - Videos,
Chester's Scream is as good as listening to mind relieving music as its just at correct place in song...
Simply awesome band with no flaws

This is the best band ever. Whenever I listen to Numb Breaking the Habit What I've Done or In the End I get chills. When I listen to One Step Closer Points of Authority or Don't Stay, I go crazy. LP AND SLIPKNOT FOREVER!

10. Atreyu 9. Rise Against 8. Adema 7. Papa Roach 6. Breaking Benjamin 5. Disturbed 4. Three Days Grace 3. Avenged Sevenfold 2. Five Finger Death Punch, and last but not the least #1. Linkin Park!

Linkin Park are an amazing band! They may have gone a different direction but they do still make decent music and making new sounds. Chester Bennington's voice is outstanding and mike Shinoda's rapping is class! 6 albums = nearly 70 million sold!

Best in Concert, making new kinds of genre, powerful scream, meaningful lyrics, awesome vocals, voluble rapper, and the best modern rock in the whole world! What else would you expect to happen?

This band is among the worst I wont say their songs are all the same but have the same concept they use DJ how this is metal and chester is not good screamer and his voice is not that good the lyrics are the only thing that is good but many songs are similar and how they are better than shinedown or thousand foot krutch or skillet or TOOL or theory of a deadman or sick puppies or muse or chevelle or the strokes or korn or three days grace or SYSTEM OF A DOWN