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Muse are an English alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The members are Matt Bellamy (lead vocal, lead guitar, piano, keyboard), Dom Howard (drums, percussion) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals). They've won several awards including five MTV Awards, 8 NME Awards, more.


Very disappointed in this list. What is Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, AC/DC, etc. doing down there? However, I do think Muse is the greatest modern band that this world has to offer I mean okay, other bands do sound incredible with deep lyrical meanings and a creative style but in my opinion Muse tops it all. One of the only modern/active bands that can pull off something heavy like Stockholm Syndrome or the scream at the end of Hyper Music and at the same time produce a space themed symphony and other tracks inspired by classical composers. One of the best three pieces around, they put everything they've got into their music and performances to the point you'll be surprised that it is in fact only a three piece. They're not afraid to experiment, which separates the good bands from the best bands and no two albums are the same, you can actually tell which songs came from which album because of how diverse their music is! They sound so good, they're all the nicest people in the world, ...more

I like Linkin Park, but Muse is by far my favorite. Showbiz was great, Origin of Symmetry was more than words can explain, Absolution was off the walls, Black Holes And Revelations was pretty dam great, resistance is probably the least liked but it's still good, and the 2nd law was unthinkably awesome. No offense to other bands but I think Muse is the king of exploring sounds. You listen to each one of their albums and they sound totally different. PLEASE listen to some Muse and VOTE UP!

Muse is the best band in the history of bands. They hold all music to a higher standard. In my opinion, muse makes every other band/artist look like crap. When you go muse, you will never go back

To hell with the mainstream popularity, Muse is by far the best modern rock band. First of all, they touch on topics that most bands don't even want to think about. Second, their musicianship is better than any modern band not called Dream Theater. Bellamy is in my mind the best modern vocalist and guitarist for rock. Third, their sound is orgasmic. It is innovative, hard, and unique. I cannot think of another band that sounds anything like Muse. And remember, this is created by THREE...GUYS! Everything put together, Muse is better than every rock band right now, hands down. - DavidBondra

I'm in love with the fact that they are the most artistic band I have ever seen, and how they incorporate science into all of their album titles: 2nd Law, The Resistance, Origin of Symmetry, Black Holes and Revelations, etc. It's just so creative, and I love the album covers. But all that is nothing in comparison to the music that they bless upon the world! I love the people who actually take time to recognize and love the music, rather than the people who reject it without even listening to it. It's just ignorance.

Muse is really something else.
Plug In Baby
Stockholm Syndrome
Thoughts Of A dying Atheist
Citizen Erased
Unnatural Selection
Neutron Star Collision
The Resistance
Muscle Museum
Butterflies and Hurricanes
Knights Of Cydonia
Eternally Missed
United States of Eurasia
New Born
And just about every song they've written is pure genius

Easily the best band that is still active. Always experimenting with new genres so they never get boring. Matt is a genius on the guitar (Newborn, Citizen Erased, Plug in Baby, Supermassive Black Hole) and piano (Space Dementia, Butterflies and Hurricanes).

They have such a wide range it's hard to believe the same band who made fury could make something like exogenesis symphony or falling down.

They're pretty creative. A bit of Bowie here, a bit of Rush there, tied up with some of their own little artful twists. One of the few respectable musical acts still going today. They're not perfect, sure (they tend to cross the pop-rock line a bit these days, which isn't great), but compared to a lot of more mainstream music, they're pretty good. Oh, and they do it with just three people, too. Impressive stuff.

No other band here compares to the band that is muse. Their sounds alternate from heavy metal to pure symphonic melodies. I had the honor of seeing them this past year on their second law tour and was blown away. Their live performance is out of this world. My favorite song is bliss. Oh wait, maybe it's map of the problematique. No! It's everything they've ever written.

Muse is an amazing band as although I love Linkin Park, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, FOB and others, Muse have a unique sound that I'm just in love with. I definitely don't agree with the top 5 (3 Days Grace? Doesn't deserve to be 2nd) Anyways if Muse wasn't an option, I would have definitely used my vote on Linkin Park or Green Day or something but for me Muse just takes my vote. Please don't be offended by any comments made.

Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar), Dominic Howard (drums, synth) and Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, vocals) are not only some of the nicest guys on the face of the earth, they also form modern rock sensation Muse. Muse use some of the greatest and most easily remembered rock riffs of the 21st century (Plug in baby anyone? ) and combine them with one of the best voices and use of falsettos in modern rock, in fact, in all of music. They have conceptual albums covering wide varieties of genres and playing styles, their live performances are renowned for being some of the best ever seen and their combination of space rock with anything else on the planet (trust me, think of a genre, they've covered it) makes for some of the greatest rock songs/ albums ever seen. They are either a 21st century queen, or a band that will go down in history. Hell, why not both?

I don't think muse deserves the top spot, even if they're my favourite band. But id say top 10 at least. Nevermind.
Muse isn't especially innovate, and they aren't the most creative musicians ever (although plenty enough to be legends). The thing they really are masters on, is making beautiful, funky, cool angry, mellow (well, you get it) songs. I can't decide which songs I think is best, I change my opinion as I change mood. At least sixty per cent of their songs have been on my top spot once.

Ill never forget them, no matter what.

What the hell is this band doing at 11, are you guys insane, this is supposed to be at the top, they deserve to, matt's singing and the riffs and style truly epic, they won so many best british rock album award, if you don't know this band, you don't know modern rock!

Muse is the best rock band EVER! I am only 13 and I said to my music teacher today about joining guitar lessons because I want to play like muse! I play rocksmith with my dad because I want to learn and I wouldn't have such an interest in music or guitar especially if it wasn't for muse so thank you for voting muse in the top tens! I hope one day I will be able to play like them hopefully that one day is next year haha! (I know it will take time! ) Hope everyone who voted muse thinks they are as amazing as I do!

Muse is #1 by years! Some amazing rock, which some of the music isn't about women, like other bands. They make other bands look bad on stage. All of their albums are a lot different in their story, which make muse the best band of time.

Their chorus' are always so epic. The variation between heavy metal and ballads is so incredible. They have a wide range of music ability. Stockholm Syndrome, Plug in Baby, and Citizen Erased are my favorites. In fact 95% of their songs are my favorites. Not a big fan of Madness or Panic Station, but they sound alright.

The most contributing band to rock nowadays.. Always adding some new styles and ideas, perfect live performances, excellent vocal skills and solos from matt bellamy, important messages passed through the lyrics, catchy songs that are not just following the predetermined paths

Muse thrives of perfect melodies at every turn. The bands diverse song writing makes each song they come out with sycronize with a specific mood

They have this amazing presence when playing their live shows, it is incredible how 3 people have so much sheer power on stage. They also ensure no two albums are the same. Sure some work better than others but they are all good in the end.

Mathew bellamy has the most captivating and inspirational voice you could ever hear and the best music you can listen to... Each song is unique, I promise you wont get bored with their songs

Muse always deliver on their promises and make great albums. They do what not many other bands do and put the bass at the center of their songs. Hysteria, Time is Running Out, Starlight, Uprising, Madness, Panic Station and Mercy ae just a few examples of the masterful bass-work done by Chris Wolstenholme. Matt Bellamy is probably up there with Freddie Mercury when it comes to voice and he's a great front-man when it comes to live performances. Greatest live bands of all time: Queen, The Who and Muse. Dominic Howard, fantastic dummer who always finds new ways to use his skills

I have listened to Linkin Park, Green Day, Three Days Grace. They are all great. But something was missing. Their songs started sound quite same. I was hungry for something different.
Then when I heard Muse. My mind was blown. It got connected to my brain wave or something. Knights of cydonia, Plug in baby, Bliss, Uprising, Butterflies and hurricanes, Supremacy, Supermassive blackhole, Hysteria... And many more. I just kept listening. I never got bored.
Don't believe me? Just listen to "Bliss". You will know what space rock is and how good it is. Regardlessly one of the best rock bands of all time. Deserve to be one of top 5.

Muse have honestly been a band which has influenced my love of music in so many ways, with each album showing something new of there abilities as musicians and quite frankly, whether it's indie, rock or dubstep, they kick ass!

When I listen to this band each songs captivates me in so many ways. The songs never get old. Original writing of lyrics has brought meaning to the lyrics. Best band for me.

Definitely the best band on this list. One of the most complete sounding 3 pieces around. Great, meaningful lyrics combined with powerful bass lines and the greatness that is Matt Bellamy make for a tremendous band