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161 Sonata Arctica Sonata Arctica Sonata Arctica is a Finnish power metal band from the town of Kemi, Finland. Created as a hard rock band named Tricky Beans, they later changed to Tricky Means and finally to Sonata Arctica, when they shifted to power metal.
162 Cage the Elephant

Great current band. They remind me of rock when it did not suck so bad as most artists do today. The guitar player is pretty decent, which is rare for many modern bands.

These guys are a great band and they deserve to be higher up on the list. I think the only reason they are this low is the fact that currently they only have two albums and not many people have even heard of them.

When it comes to originality, you do not get better than these guys. Their most recent album, Melophobia, is a completely unique, beautifully poetic, and awesome album. It is truly a masterpiece. They are completely underrated as of now, but I am confident that one day they will be remember as one of the greatest bands of this generation and perhaps of all time

Great band, great songs and live shows, won the Grammy for rock album of the year 2016, yet they're 161, and Nickelback is in the top 20?

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163 Nightwish Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen.

This list would make some sense if it wasn't for the fact that nightwish is not anywhere in the top 20, listen to Nightwish' : while your lips are still red - I wish I had an angel - nemo - amanrath - phantom of the opera - ever dream. And I'll promise you that you won't help but fall in love with their music.

Just listen to some of their songs from their latest album. I say every single one is a masterpiece. They are probably the best symphonic metal band in this world...

love night wish more people need to hear their music

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164 Saliva Saliva Saliva is an American rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996. Saliva released their self-titled debut album on August 26, 1997, through Rockingchair Records, a record label owned and operated by Mark Yoshida, who recorded and produced the release at his studio, Rockingchair Studios.
165 Rhapsody of Fire Rhapsody of Fire
166 Dead by Sunrise

They aren't as good as linkin park... LP is legendary but Chester takes care of this band great to most people don't even realize he is with stp now and dbs and LP he is a legend

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167 Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon is an American heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in early 2000 and composed of bassist Troy Sanders, guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor.

Put this band in the top ten, Bill will give you a holler, and Brent will give you a joint.

The most powerful and progressive hard rock/metal band of the past ten years.

"Blood and Thunder" is too good to be #166.

168 Silverstein V 1 Comment
169 Pop Evil

This band is awesome, they deserve better! I love the vocalist's voice, it's so unique!

Really bad place for this band... Realistically a top 10!

Excellent band.

Footsteps is awesome

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170 Crown the Empire

If you like melodic post-hardcore with elements of metalcore, this band is for you (only their old stuff, though. Their newest album, Retrograde, is quite a soft album).

Great band, just started listening to them and they're definitely worth listening to

171 Opeth Opeth Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with more.

173th is way to low for this pioneers from Sweden. 20 years on tour and still going strong, without forgetting to invent themselves every new record. From good old grunt and scream in the early days to pinkfloyd yes on the latest records. One of the best live shows I've ever seen, and they don't need lights, fireworks, striptease, facepaint or other crap that distracts the essential part; playing music.

172 Pavement
173 Little Feat Little Feat Little Feat is an American rock band formed by singer-songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist Lowell George and keyboardist Bill Payne in 1969 in Los Angeles. George disbanded the group due to creative differences in 1979, shortly before his death.
174 The Lonely Island

You Gotta Admit The Lonely Island Songs Are Great! I Think They Deserve A Higher Rating! Their Songs Are Really Fun To Listen To!

Lonely Island is a comedy group, but whatever

175 Animal Collective

Come on and slam it's the jam of a lifetime every time

They mad trill lmao

176 Emigrate
177 Kamelot Kamelot Kamelot is an American power metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner in 1991. The Norwegian vocalist Roy Khan joined for the album SiƩge Perilous, and shared songwriting credit with Youngblood until his departure in April 2011. On June 22, 2012, Youngblood announced more.
178 Hed PE Hed PE Hed PE, also known as Planet Earth and stylized as p.e., is an American rock band from Huntington Beach, California.
179 The Letter Black
180 SiM
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