Three Days Grace

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Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997 with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2013 Gontier left the band due to creative differences. He was replaced with Brad's more.


Three days grace is pure greatness. My personal favorite by them is life starts now. If you haven't heard it it then you are missing out on an amazing song! They have good vocals and a unique sound which I think is important for a band to have. They have to be unique and I think bands like three days grace, skillet, and fall out boy accomplish have accomplished that. They are a band that has a "rock" sound without going over the top.

I have listened to uncountable bands, but NOTHING beats this band! Don't believe me? Listen to my top ten three days grace songs (not in order) Here's the overview of the band
-Meaningful lyrics
-Epic guitars
-Equally badass on live stage/ acoustic sessions
-A unique and distinctive style of music
-Un ending awesomeness: Most bands face difficulties when the frontman/lead vocalist leaves suddenly... THIS... THIS band became even more bad ass

Here's the song list
Animal I have become
Gone forever
Let it die
Time of dying
Just like you
Never too late
Someone who cares

By the way, time of dying was the first TDG song I listened and the first Rock song I liked, made me the Rock fan I am

They were the first rock band I listened too. They were the band that made me LOVE rock and not just think about pop. They have awesome lyrics and great melodies. They are the most underrated band of the 21st century. Barley anyone in Britain has heard of them. They need more airplay. Come on Radio 1, give them a slot.

They underrated band. They have so much emotions feelings in there songs. They sound so good with both band leaders. There songs are just truly unique than any other band. If you haven't listen to them you really should. BEST BAND EVER!

MY LIFE! This band is absolutely AMAZING! No way that Linkin Park or those other guys beats them. Breaking Benjamin, though a close second, isn't as good either. This band is literally my world, and they truly deserve so much more recognition than they get. THREE DAYS GRACE

Three Days Grace has the perfect balance of edgy, raw power with hard-rocking lyrics while also being able pull off a softer melodic sound with emotional lyrics. Add in the fact that they're an awesome group of guys and they truly are The Best Modern Rock Band!

Even with Adam gone they still make great music. Matt isn't a perfect replacement but with songs like Painkiller, I Am Machine, and Fallen Angel I can't wait for their next album and to see how he improves as he gets more experience with his new band

They brought me from pop, too this amazing new genre of music. Trust me I am never going back. I have never found a song I dislike and their lyrics are so emotional. Not to mention there amazing bass lines and guitar melodies.

Their lyrics are moving but also completely relate-able. They are one of the only bands I've found that plays better live than anything you listen to on CD. Their music evolves with them.

Best band ever!
Adam got the most special voice I've ever heard.. Unlike most of the rock bands these day..
Add to it the the beautiful lyrics and awesome playing and what can you ask more?
And I don't understand how avanged from all bands passed them, avanged is really like pop, think about it, why people hear their songs? I don't think its because of the lyrics, I mean all their lyrics is about evil power and death and more creepy things..
So I'll tell you, because of m shadow's catchy voice and the fast solos.. And when no one cares about the lyrics we all can just go hear gangam style or somthing

Three days Grace is one of the most amazing bands ever. there music features amazing vocals, talented and emotional music and words that will literally blow your mind, they definitely beat all the above bands

When I was let down, and no one was there to guide me, Three Days Grace helped me. They gave me the feeling of not being alone with their strong music. They are just perfect to me. And I don't need any opinions about it.

Best band in the world if you have been through tough times, have been hurt over and over, or just wanna give up. These guys give people like a reason to live on. They tell us not to give up through their lyrics.

! These guys are amazing! Got most of their songs on my phone, they're amazing I listen to 'em almost everyday, me and my friends are addicted to them, love the music, lyrics everything!

Are you kidding me? Linkin Park is in front of them? Threes Days Grace Makes Linkin Park look like a bunch of wimps, THREE DAYS GRACE IS BETTER THAN Linkin Park ANY DAY OF MY LIFE. Their lyrics can express exactly how I feel, no other band or song can do that.

Three days grace is like the only band I can listen to over and over the vocals are so so so good and the songs are epic so I think they are the best band of the 2000s and the 21 century.

They are one of the very few bands that have amazing whole cd's. A band is not good when you only want to listen to one song on a cd. Three days grace is constantly good and make great catchy songs.

This is the best band of all times.
THE Guitarist and vocalist are the best of all times...
Songs like Never too late, Lost in you, now or never are the best of all times.
You guys must listen to Riot and Animal I've become...

Adam Gontier -the current lead singer - can adapt his voice to create a large range of songs and also the background music just adds to the effect. This band deserves everything.

Favorite band ever. So sad that Adam left but even with a bassists little brother they still kick ass. Saw them live and was one of the greatest things I've ever experienced.

Linkin Park has started making boring songs...Green Day has not released a new song for a long time...Three Days Grace is the only band working great even after so many years...

Every song by them is one that you just can't resist head banging to. Each Song has a different tune and beat so you can tell the difference between songs with no problem

Three Days Grace is for sure one of my favorite bands, they have a harder sound, but it's so beautiful and deep, that it is just irresistible- A wonderful band for sure!

Linkin Park is my favorite band, but Three Days Grace really introduced me to rock music, so I'm voting for both.

This band is amazing, I usually always have a couple of songs from all artists that I don't like. But not this one!