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1 Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold

"Dear god the only thing I ask of you
Is to hold her when I'm not around, when I'm much too far away... "
Listen to this... It's beautiful... A7x a7x...! - skt

One of my personal favorites, anyone thats ever had to be away from the one they love can relate to this song

I love all of you.I like your songs so much.I always listen your songs.Dear God is the best.

I love this song

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2 Snuff - Slipknot

the greatest love song... its about broken heart feelings...! awsomw band awesome vocals totaly superb song.. everybody should listned to this...

Bury all your secrets in my skin.
Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins.
The air around me still feels like a cage
And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...

So if you love me, let me go.
And run away before I know.
My heart is just too dark to care.
I can't destroy what isn't there.

Deliver me into my Fate -
If I'm alone I cannot hate
I don't deserve to have you...
Ooh, my smile was taken long ago,
If I can change I hope I never know. - skt

The greatest love song! And one of the best songs ever! Beautiful lyrics, awesome great music and it is probably the best song by slipknot. Best song ever

Absolutely fantastic song and bittersweet voice. When you are down, just listen to this. It can't really heal your broken heart but it sure helps a lot. Thank you Corey for this.

Best Corey's clean voice demonstration

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3 Warmness on the Soul - Avenged Sevenfold

The previous two A7X songs on here are amazing songs but they are more about heart break than about love. This one hits it right on the head. Every verse had me thinking of the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band. I absolutely love them and every single song they have. This song is truely great and I plan on playing it at my wedding

Love this song. I will be walking down the aisle at my wedding to this song

Anything off the album of STST is not love its torture - christangrant

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4 So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold

Lead guirtarist Syn Gates wrote this song, trebute to his bandmate, friend Jimmy... The 'Rev'... this is from there new (2010) album Nightmare..
makes me cry... - skt

Nice song..
Good job syn,,

The Best Love Song I've Heard Ever. Meaningful Lyrics, Fine Guitar Solo, Melody & Vocal. Absolutely Brilliant. I Have To Try Very Hard To Stop Crying When I Listening To This Song. Syn Gates Written It For Me I Think. What An Amazing Lyrics.

If you know the story behind Avenged Sevenfold and Jimmy Sullivan this song will be more profound, but really applies to anybody who's lost someone close to them. Accurate with the emotion and beautifully presented.

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5 Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold

What does this have to do with love? - christangrant

This isn't about love

Not above love.

I see that people are saying that this song isn't about love. Before you start saying what your uneducated self thinks, maybe try looking it up first. If you actually take your time and listen to it, he's talking about his bad relationship with his mother. But the song is about love. He's asking them (his mom) to come back to him because he doesn't want to lose those he loves. Here, go to this site, read it, and see for yourself. This song IS about love and lose.
Maybe now you will rethink your response. It really is a beautiful love song. You just need to learn how to listen. - Nevey

6 Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N' Roses

I like the song, but do you guys know what "modern" means? I think the 80's aren't. - tiagocowboy11

Definitely the best rock n' roll love song of all times.

Great song but not modern

This isn't Modern - christangrant

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7 No Matter What - Papa Roach

And if we make it out alive, I promise you these love will never die... I love you for now and then

Its just amazing, I have been looking for a GOOD love song for days now and finally I found this one and its just like what I wanted... The lyrics explain just what I feel for my loved one and that's just what I wanted all along...

This is an amazing love song, it captures the essences of love. 'i need you right here by my side. Your everything I'm not in my life'

An absolutly gorgeous love song. There isn't many good love songs now anymore, but this one is just pure perfect. - Nevey

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8 Without You - Hinder

Personally lips of an angel, but this is great as well!

This song is not exactly a love song. Don't get me wrong it's a great song but it is not about loving someone. It's about how you break up them and you realize that you're better off without them. "It's safe to say that I'm ready to let you leave" don't think a girl would take kindly to that.

This deserves to be at least in the top five wonderful song... Amazing lyrics... Awesome guitar... Full of emotion and feeling.. This song makes me fell strong against my love

As long as this or lips of an angel makes it.

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9 Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold

Best ever... Makes me cry...! Love Avenged sevenfold forever...! - skt

You'd have to be insane not to try this song out. Very different from a lot of songs, but the message is great and warns the heart.

Another great song from you guys for such a beautiful song

Great song

10 Broken - Seether

Shaun had Kurt's exciting voice. With this song, you can't find better.

To me.. one of the best rock love songs.. Amy's and Shaun's voice are so suitable together! And the lyrics are so awesome!

Just an all around great son. The contrast of Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan bring out so much meaning and what the song is about.

My favorite song ever

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11 Far Away - Nickelback

The song is well done.. Instrumentally it is lovely and very correct with words. It is a beautiful song done in a very profession and beautifully done in every way..It really shows the talent of the band and its members.they have great musicians they showcase. The vocalist are heard at their best..

One the best songs from nickelback. This deserves to be at the top of the list. Listen to this guys!

One of the BEST Rock Love Songs EVER!

Makes me wanna cry
Lol, those are lyrics from innocence

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12 Thinking About You - Puddle of Mudd

It's mine and my boyfriend's song, the amount of emotional that goes into the song is just immense, always manages to bring a tear to my eye

I honestly LOVE this song! Best from Puddle Of Mudd! I recommend it to anyone, even if you don't normally listen to rock!

One of the best love songs I've ever heard. Just AWESOME!

Good song, deep meaning

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13 Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The first song that was "Our song" with the love of my life. The lyrics, "I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever. I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven. Because you're my true love my whole heart please don't throw that away... " is everything I feel about him. <3

Because you're my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Because I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll stay, stay

Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray

Beautiful and cool... Deserve this position... - skt

This is one of the most heartfelt modern songs I've heard. Any girl to have this song dedicated to them is lucky

Dedicated this to the guy that I have feelings for. After he listened to it, he confessed his feelings towards me too.

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14 Through Glass - Stone Sour

I loved this song from the moment I first heard it and it's still on my play list. My son used to go to sleep if you sang it to him, not the normal lullabies!

This is not only a love song, but a masterpiece of reflecting ones self. Just close your eyes and try to feel what he describes. Plain awesome.

I was surprised to see it as a #15, but now that I see the competition, it should definitely be in the top 10. Unfortunately it seems that rock is taking a bad turn in these '10s...

One of my favorite love songs. I'm actually looking on here to find love songs for a playlist for my boyfriend. he's going through tough times right now, and I just wanna make sure he knows I love the crap out of him. - Nevey

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15 Here Without You - Three Doors Down

The benchmark song for 3 Doors Down...

It is as good as it gets... I don't know anything about any song on this list but believe me on this one... THIS SONG IS GREAT...

The best English love song I've ever heard in my whole life...
Every time evokes a feeling in my heart of deep and burried love

I like this song very much... Here without you... Lonely.. Great song ever

I prefer Your Arms Feel Like Home but this is without a doubt the best modern rock love song ever released.

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16 The Bleeding - Five Finger Death Punch

Awesome song a hruaitlunga

Itis an awesome song why not shinedown miricle

17 My Immortal - Evanescence

Lovely voice.. She is the greatest female vocalist ever...

"You cried I wipe away all your tears" - skt

Beautiful song, needs to be higher up this list

Great song will stand the test of time.

Really peaceful and heart touching song.this song deserve number 1.

18 Forever - Papa Roach

Such an amazing song with so much meaning and so much depth!

Absoulty beautiful love song. definitely made my 20 love songs play list. - Nevey

19 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

I love My Chemical Romance. Never expected it here.

I just really like My Chemical Romance and the way they sound...

Just heartbreaking. Pure melancholy and sadness.

This song hits really close to home. My uncle and grandfather have died of cancer and this song has such touching lyrics. "my sister and my brothers still, I will not kiss you. Cause the hardest part of this.. is leaving you."

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20 Everlong - Foo Fighters

"Hello, I've been waiting here for you. Everlong."

This song only makes real sense until you find that one person you love more than anyone else. That's why it's one of the ultimate love songs ever.

This song is absolutely perfect.
It should definitely be higher on the list.

This song takes you to both the good and the bad, memories fill your head, it's daunting, it's unreal. The Acoustic version makes the meaning go through in a better way, but it doesn't matter the version or the style, the chorus always strikes a chord within you.

"And I wonder
When I sing Along with You
If everything could ever be this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
the only thing I'll ever ask of you
you gotta promise not to stop when I say 'when'
she sang"

21 Never Be the Same - Red
22 Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls

This song is beautiful and describes everything that you would want to hear from your boyfriend, this song reminds me of something you would listen to and would convince you to fall in love with someone

Beautiful, Beautiful! I felt in love with this song, the music, the lyrics, It's a very good love song, I heard it a long time ago, and I still listen to it

Every time I hear this song, I think of my best friend and I being together. He knows me so well and hasn't judged me yet.

I love this song.

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23 Lips of an Angel - Hinder

One of the best love songs made. In my interpritation of this song, its him with a new girl after they two broke up, but they still love each other. Despite what you other people think, this is a love song about two people who went their seprerate ways, thinking they were doing the right thing, but are now having second thoughts. Its not about cheating. Wherever you got that idea, only God knows. They are both now involved in a new relationship, and she calls him late at night because she regrets ever letting him go, but they don't want to end the relationship they are currently in. They both miss each others voices and being together. He never wants to completely let her leave his life, but she makes it so hard to stay faithful to the girl he is with now. This is a love song about regret and longing. Not cheating. Beautiful song about love. - Nevey

I need all metal fans here to take a step back and let there be a quality list that does not have a song like lips of an angel underrated like this.

I have this song on my phone all the time, I'm not one for love or believe in true love so I don't search for it but this song shows heartache and longing but honestly, if you want something in your reach leave for it, the song shows cheating too so that's probably why I like it.

This is awful - christangrant

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24 Wondewall - Oasis

Wonderwall is one of my favorites...

One of the best love songs around.

This needs to climb the ranks.

Wondewall? Don't you think you missed the R? - RandomPerson1234

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25 In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge

This is a song that may not generally be classed as a love song. However, it kind of is. As it's about Mark Tremonti's mother's passing. And the lyrics tell of how he loves her and hopes she is in a happy place. It should be much higher on the list.

Not exactly what I think of when I think about love songs, since it's a song written to a late mother. But it gets my vote anyway, simply because in my mind, this is the most amazing newer rock song. Everyone can relate to these lyrics, I'm sure.

One of the greatest love songs I've ever heard.. It's beautiful... Alter bridge roxx... listen to Myles kennedy's voice.. It makes the song lovely... - skt

This song is simply very touching. One of the greatest songs ever written?

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26 The Reason - Hoobastank

Pff easily, this list is retarded. Who votes here? Kids?

This song is literally a part of me, it's so so beautiful. The day a guy dedicates this song to me, I'll be the happiest girl in the world :) this song just gives me the feels man

There's no reason why this song doesn't deserve to be in the top 10

One of my favorite songs. It has the best lyrics we could ask from a rock love song. And its modern. It was released in 2003. Sweet Child O Mine is a great song but not for this list. Its underrated because of the band. Just listen to it and you will know and love it for sure.

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27 So Far Away - Staind

Great love song would have it as my wedding song!

28 This I Love - Guns N' Roses

Lovely song, lovely voice. I suggest you guys should listen and definitely it should be ranked better.

This song is so cool

29 (You Want To) Make a Memory - Bon Jovi

One of the most underestimated love songs ever.
One if the most underestimated Bon Jovi songs ever.
Just listen.


30 Blood to Bleed - Rise Against

Everyone should hear the song it is great and deserves a higher spot

Blood to Bleed is amazing, just like all Rise Against songs are.

This is the best punk song about love

31 Lost in You - Three Days Grace

This song is ridiculously relatable in so many ways for so many people. It's deep, it's raw, it's passionate. There's nothing about this song that doesn't send shivers down my spine when I listen to if and when it comes on I just get flooded with nostalgia and emotion

70?! REALLY?! This is like the best love song ever! - damon.kyule

This song helped me get over an obsession. This song is the best. Thank you three days Grace, I'll always love you guys! THANK YOU!

My favorite

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32 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

I'm thoroughly disappointed that this didn't make the top ten. This is my fiancee's and my song and will be our first dance at our wedding. Listen to the lyrics - it is the definition of a rock love song.

Maybe not modern but still! It definitely deserves to be up in the top 10! One of the first metal bands to do a love ballad and wow what a song! Actually, a part of it was written during a phone call between James and his girlfriend so this describes love at it's best! - theswedishn00b

This should be in the top of this list. I love this song so much. It is so disappointing to see this song way down this list.

Not Modern - christangrant

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33 Bitch Came Back - Theory of a Deadman

Uh.T.O.A. D has much better love songs than this. Such as "Wait For Me" and "Easy To Love You"

34 Drain You - Nirvana

Not Modern - christangrant

35 Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet for My Valentine

This my favorite song

Its rly good

36 You and Me - Lifehouse

WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER ON THE LIST?!?!?! My favourite love song of all time. Maybe not too "modern", but a lot more than some on here, and so beautiful.

This song should be in the top ten.. Hands down best rock love song... Everyone would like it at their wedding

Everything she does is beautiful...everything she does is RIGHT!

37 The Only Exception - Paramore

It's about when you finally find true love, after all this time searching for it. There's always someone that is "the exception" of the rest of the people.

Paramore is easily my favorite band, Hayley's voice is just so beautiful and if you've ever had many failed romances and heartbreak, this is somewhat of a motivation.

38 Your Call - Secondhand Serenade

Oh, you up in position 31, it is very good boys, let's go grow up in position 2 or 1, because you must grow up in position 2 or 1, ok boys, you it's very excellent and group band is the very good in America in Menlo Park, California, let's go boys

Yah it's very amazing, you is 0,9 % it's very good, but you must in position 1 or in the top table ok, to night wioll be the night that I will fall for you, you call me stranger you say I'm danger

Very nice and best song by secondhand serenade you must hear onecs this songs just touch the heart

39 Tangled Up in You - Staind

O man this is amazing! ! How much more "love" does it get? Needs to be way higher

My dad and stepmother used this song for their wedding song

This is a very beautiful song.

Love, love, love this song! and is easy to dance to. Brings me to tears.

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40 Vermillion, Pt. 2 - Slipknot

This song should be hell forward than any other songs in the list.. Its way better than Snuff too.. And this song is the one that reminds me of my crush.. Given an ear to it.. The background music that flows in this song and its chilling lyrics are what makes it a masterpiece..

This song is amazing. It definitely should be higher on the list. Also, whoever voted for Nickelback can suck not one but two dudes dicks.

41 Not Like the Others - Robbie Williams

Very powerful and emotional

42 Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

What this song should be higher... This is one of the best song of all time...

What this song should be higher... This is one of all time favorite song...

Love this song so much!

I find this very romantic

43 Love Isn't Always Fair - Black Veil Brides

My favourite band and a beautiful song that should be so much more famous then it is.

This is by my fave band

Love the band
Love the song

44 I'll Follow You - Shinedown

"I'd follow you down through the eye of the storm, don't worry I'll keep you warm." - The lyrics say it all!

Best Ever! Going to play this at my wedding!

Our wedding song

Y not 1

45 Fall for You - Secondhand Serenade

I've recently found out about this song and I loved it! I'm going to sing it to my girlfriend sometime, hopefully soon!

Amazing melody, amazing vocals, amazing lyrics, AMAZING SONG! Nothing more to it, simply awesome

I love it my boyfriend quoted the lyrics to me and I fell in love with the song after that

Very Emotional! This needs to climb the ranks...

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46 Valentine's Day - Linkin Park

Amazing! One of the best mellow songs of Linkin Park! I want listen again and again.

47 Thunder - Boys Like Girls
48 Losing You - Dead by April

The feeling you get when you listen to this song is just incredible. Vocals are so melodic, screaming with so much sorrow, lyrics about heavy and true love, it simply makes me cry every time the "All I have is you" part comes. This song should be higher and mean no. 1. There's no such song one this list with such awesome lyrics who everyone can understand.

What! All the other songs on this list are dust compared to this awesome song. This song is the defenition of love... great melodies... awesome screams... fabulous singing... and the lyrics are just the best! This song is so great that you won't stop listening to it. If you have lost someone you loved so much, just listen to this song, you won't stop crying. Such an amazing love song, I truly love it. Thank you so much Dead by April for this song...

This song expresses the true definition of love, they may be underrated but when you listen to it, you will feel like you're in heaven.

Heavy feelings about love...! - skt

49 Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

This should be like at the top 10

Beautiful song. Mom tells me to get off Youtube. Then this song comes on. I just say ok, and risk gettting in trouble to hear it again. - Nevey

50 Surrender - Billy Talent
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