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21 Never Be the Same - Red
22 Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls

This song is beautiful and describes everything that you would want to hear from your boyfriend, this song reminds me of something you would listen to and would convince you to fall in love with someone

Beautiful, Beautiful! I felt in love with this song, the music, the lyrics, It's a very good love song, I heard it a long time ago, and I still listen to it

Every time I hear this song, I think of my best friend and I being together. He knows me so well and hasn't judged me yet.

I love this song.

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23 Lips of an Angel - Hinder

I need all metal fans here to take a step back and let there be a quality list that does not have a song like lips of an angel underrated like this.

Its a cheating love song but an awesome one at that. After all what should we expect form rock stars!

Come on this one has to be in the top 15 at least. This was the song my ex used for me.

This is awful - christangrant

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24 Wondewall - Oasis

Wonderwall is one of my favorites...

One of the best love songs around.

This needs to climb the ranks.

Wondewall? Don't you think you missed the R? - RandomPerson1234

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25 In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge

This is a song that may not generally be classed as a love song. However, it kind of is. As it's about Mark Tremonti's mother's passing. And the lyrics tell of how he loves her and hopes she is in a happy place. It should be much higher on the list.

Not exactly what I think of when I think about love songs, since it's a song written to a late mother. But it gets my vote anyway, simply because in my mind, this is the most amazing newer rock song. Everyone can relate to these lyrics, I'm sure.

One of the greatest love songs I've ever heard.. It's beautiful... Alter bridge roxx... listen to Myles kennedy's voice.. It makes the song lovely... - skt

This song is simply very touching. One of the greatest songs ever written?

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26 The Reason - Hoobastank

Pff easily, this list is retarded. Who votes here? Kids?

This song is literally a part of me, it's so so beautiful. The day a guy dedicates this song to me, I'll be the happiest girl in the world :) this song just gives me the feels man

There's no reason why this song doesn't deserve to be in the top 10

One of my favorite songs. It has the best lyrics we could ask from a rock love song. And its modern. It was released in 2003. Sweet Child O Mine is a great song but not for this list. Its underrated because of the band. Just listen to it and you will know and love it for sure.

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27 So Far Away - Staind

Great love song would have it as my wedding song!

28 This I Love - Guns N' Roses

Lovely song, lovely voice. I suggest you guys should listen and definitely it should be ranked better.

This song is so cool

29 (You Want To) Make a Memory - Bon Jovi

One of the most underestimated love songs ever.
One if the most underestimated Bon Jovi songs ever.
Just listen.

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30 Blood to Bleed - Rise Against

Everyone should hear the song it is great and deserves a higher spot

Blood to Bleed is amazing, just like all Rise Against songs are.

This is the best punk song about love

31 Lost in You - Three Days Grace

This song is ridiculously relatable in so many ways for so many people. It's deep, it's raw, it's passionate. There's nothing about this song that doesn't send shivers down my spine when I listen to if and when it comes on I just get flooded with nostalgia and emotion

70?! REALLY?! This is like the best love song ever! - damon.kyule

This song helped me get over an obsession. This song is the best. Thank you three days Grace, I'll always love you guys! THANK YOU!

I tried singing this to my crush she says I try too hard

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32 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

I'm thoroughly disappointed that this didn't make the top ten. This is my fiancee's and my song and will be our first dance at our wedding. Listen to the lyrics - it is the definition of a rock love song.

Maybe not modern but still! It definitely deserves to be up in the top 10! One of the first metal bands to do a love ballad and wow what a song! Actually, a part of it was written during a phone call between James and his girlfriend so this describes love at it's best! - theswedishn00b

This should be in the top of this list. I love this song so much. It is so disappointing to see this song way down this list.

Not Modern - christangrant

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33 Bitch Came Back - Theory of a Deadman

Uh.T.O.A. D has much better love songs than this. Such as "Wait For Me" and "Easy To Love You"

34 Drain You - Nirvana

Not Modern - christangrant

35 You and Me - Lifehouse

WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER ON THE LIST?!?!?! My favourite love song of all time. Maybe not too "modern", but a lot more than some on here, and so beautiful.

Everything she does is beautiful...everything she does is RIGHT!

36 Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet for My Valentine V 2 Comments
37 Your Call - Secondhand Serenade

Oh, you up in position 31, it is very good boys, let's go grow up in position 2 or 1, because you must grow up in position 2 or 1, ok boys, you it's very excellent and group band is the very good in America in Menlo Park, California, let's go boys

Yah it's very amazing, you is 0,9 % it's very good, but you must in position 1 or in the top table ok, to night wioll be the night that I will fall for you, you call me stranger you say I'm danger

Very nice and best song by secondhand serenade you must hear onecs this songs just touch the heart

38 The Only Exception - Paramore

It's about when you finally find true love, after all this time searching for it. There's always someone that is "the exception" of the rest of the people.

39 Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

What this song should be higher... This is one of the best song of all time...

What this song should be higher... This is one of all time favorite song...

Love this song so much!

I find this very romantic

40 Vermillion, Pt. 2 - Slipknot

This song should be hell forward than any other songs in the list.. Its way better than Snuff too.. And this song is the one that reminds me of my crush.. Given an ear to it.. The background music that flows in this song and its chilling lyrics are what makes it a masterpiece..

This song is amazing. It definitely should be higher on the list. Also, whoever voted for Nickelback can suck not one but two dudes dicks.

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