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41 Not Like the Others - Robbie Williams

Very powerful and emotional

42 Love Isn't Always Fair - Black Veil Brides

My favourite band and a beautiful song that should be so much more famous then it is.

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43 Tangled Up in You - Staind

O man this is amazing! ! How much more "love" does it get? Needs to be way higher

My dad and stepmother used this song for their wedding song

Love, love, love this song! and is easy to dance to. Brings me to tears.

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44 Fall for You - Secondhand Serenade

I've recently found out about this song and I loved it! I'm going to sing it to my girlfriend sometime, hopefully soon!

Amazing melody, amazing vocals, amazing lyrics, AMAZING SONG! Nothing more to it, simply awesome

I love it my boyfriend quoted the lyrics to me and I fell in love with the song after that

Very Emotional! This needs to climb the ranks...

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45 I'll Follow You - Shinedown

"I'd follow you down through the eye of the storm, don't worry I'll keep you warm." - The lyrics say it all!

Y not 1

46 Losing You - Dead by April

The feeling you get when you listen to this song is just incredible. Vocals are so melodic, screaming with so much sorrow, lyrics about heavy and true love, it simply makes me cry every time the "All I have is you" part comes. This song should be higher and mean no. 1. There's no such song one this list with such awesome lyrics who everyone can understand.

What! All the other songs on this list are dust compared to this awesome song. This song is the defenition of love... great melodies... awesome screams... fabulous singing... and the lyrics are just the best! This song is so great that you won't stop listening to it. If you have lost someone you loved so much, just listen to this song, you won't stop crying. Such an amazing love song, I truly love it. Thank you so much Dead by April for this song...

This song expresses the true definition of love, they may be underrated but when you listen to it, you will feel like you're in heaven.

Heavy feelings about love...! - skt

47 Valentine's Day - Linkin Park

Amazing! One of the best mellow songs of Linkin Park! I want listen again and again.

48 Surrender - Billy Talent
49 Thunder - Boys Like Girls
50 I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan

I love rock and I love em as metal as they can be... But this is just cool, touching and favorite...

51 Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol V 1 Comment
52 Say You'll Haunt Me - Stone Sour

This is the most beautiful song about love. It truly expresses that raw need for the person who completes you.

53 Don't Go - Bring Me the Horizon

This song is actually not meant to be a love song. I thought it was at first and still listen to it as if it is. Either way I love it. If you do some researching and listen to the lyrics closely it's actually about Oliver Sykes' cousin who made friends with this outcast kid and him and his buddies took him to the woods and did some acid. They accidentally killed the kid in the trip. "Slaughtered him with a scythe" meaning they betrayed the kid. Oli's cousin was haunted by the things he did, begging god for forgiveness and eventually telling Oliver in hopes Oli would help him get though it.

I hope you Don't Go and stay with me until the rest of my life. I love it when you always make me smile and laughing. You such a adorable and sweet girls

This song honestly got me through depression. this song has changed me in so many ways

It's a truly touching song. They're my favourite band :G. Ps: if you're also into the more heavy awesomity try Nerdy by Poison the well, Deathbeds by Bring me the horizon or Only you by The pretty reckless ;P

54 My Heart - Paramore V 1 Comment
55 Everything - Lifehouse

The ending gave me all the chills. Totally emotional and I just love listening to this song..

Great lyrics with good music and arrangement of the song.

56 Schism - Tool

isten to the song carefully because it is beautiful piece of art.

57 Never Gonna Be Alone - Nickelback

Really touching song! Made me cry..

This is me and my boyfriend's song! Sad it's not in the top ten though!

58 Was It a Dream? - 30 Seconds to Mars

She left. All he had is a photograph and memories. He still loves her but there is nothing he can do. I Love this Song and this band

He's suffering. She left. All he had is memory and his shattered heart. I love this song

59 The World Is Ugly - My Chemical Romance

This song is powerful not just because it is a singer speaking to a significant other, but because it is a band speaking directly to each of their fans and letting them know that each one of them is loved and is beautiful.

This is powerful not just it's the singer speaking to a significant other, but because it's the band speaking directly to the fans and letting them know that each one of them is loved and is beautiful.

I have no idea how this isn't on here yet.

"The world is ugly, but you're beautiful to me."

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60 Young Folks - Peter Bjorn & John

One of those perfect songs. And what is slipknot doing at number 1? Whoever made that decision, get out. - InsertNameHere

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