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61 The Messenger - Linkin Park

One of the most true love songs ever "when life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind" a incredible song and one of my all time favourites

62 Always - Bon Jovi

One of the best romantic song of this genre!

63 Young Folks - Peter Bjorn & John

One of those perfect songs. And what is slipknot doing at number 1? Whoever made that decision, get out. - InsertNameHere

64 When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down

This song's music video is filmed on a US aircraft carrier. You just get that feel, it isn't a sad song, however is very deep and meaningful. It reminds me of those that are overseas, and just one of the many things they have to be worried about, one they can't protect with a rifle, their spouse's love.

65 Scars - Papa Roach

I wouldn't consider this a love song. But it's an absolutely wonderful song

I like it but its about a breakup

66 Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Somewhat "in your face" love song but still awesome - should have been in the top 10

67 Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
68 Closer to You - Adelitas Way

I think that's one of the best love songs
Can I get closer to you, Tell me the truth, Can I get an answer from you, Show me a sign, Here I stand with my heart in my hands, And all I do, To get closer to you,

69 Love of My Life - Queen

Greatest and most gorgeous love song EVER!

70 Before I Die - Papa Roach
71 If You Can't Hang - Sleeping with Sirens

I absolutely adore this song! It's basically about how you keep finding the wrong person, but eventually the right person will come along. You just need to give it time. It's beautiful!

Absolutely love everything about the song

72 Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
73 What Could Have Been Love - Aerosmith

Very beautiful underrated song about losing a love.. Very touching.

74 Watch Over You - Alter Bridge

What is this song doing all the way down here! granted the version with cristina scabbia is better but still this just ain't right!

75 What Ya Gonna Do - Hinder
76 Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's

Can't believe this song is so far down.

77 Call Me - Shinedown
78 Lovesong - The Cure

Didn't make the list?

79 Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance

One of my personal favorite songs in general.

80 What If I Was Nothing - All that Remains

This should have been in the top 10

This was my first dance with my husband at my wedding.

I think the song is epic

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