Best Modern Warfare Characters

The Top Ten

1 Captain Price Captain Price

Price for President, Best soldier ever, just an awesome bad-ass guy

With Bill Murray voicing him, he's a huge badass, awesome character!

you can't not like him. awesome character

Dude, this guy is a bad ass! Awesome dude!

2 Captain MacMillan

He's Captain Price's old Captain, no wonder why Captain Price is a badass!

Veteran who taught price to fight without him ther wouldn't be a captain price

3 John "Soap" MacTavish

He was the only guy who I really liked to controll. Best character ever made. Really love him, respect him.

4 Staff Sergeant Griggs

The master of modern warfare, he's one of the best, sets the bark for one of the greats, should be number 1, he's AWESOME-GRIGGS, SIMPLY THE BEST, EVEN PRICE

He's the best Modren Warfare charachter, I felt like shooting al asadi a million times for killing Griggs

5 Gaz

He's always wearing a hat, voiced by Craig Fairbrass, same guy who voices Ghost in Modern Warfare 2!

6 Gary "Roach" Sanderson
7 Lieutenant Vazquez
8 Nikolai
9 Al-Asad

Better bad guy then Makarov, best Modern Warfare bad guy!

10 Victor Zakhaev

The Contenders

11 Imran Zakhaev
12 Yuri
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