Best Modern Warfare Missions

These Are My Top 10 MW Missions, The Game They Are In, And A Description About Them.

The Top Ten

1 Aftermath

I finished it on veteran difficulty

2 Game Over

MW. After A Firefight In Trucks Involving RPG's, Your Truck Is Blown Up, And Gaz And Griggs Are Killed. When Zakheav Arrives You Shoot His Head, Or Balls, Or Wherever You Choose Off And Are Rescued. - S7ARVAD3R

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3 No Russian

Epic mission kill lots of civilians

4 Endgame
5 Blood Brothers
6 Cliffhanger
7 Crew Expandeble
8 The Hornets Nest
9 All Gilled Up

The very best mission ever. Why isn't it the number 1?

This and one shot, one kill are the best missions ever!

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10 The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

The Contenders

11 Loose Ends

The ambush, clearing the house, defending the estate, and the twist. that twist!

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12 Mile High Club

Modern Warfare. This Bonus Post-Credits Mission Takes Only About A Minute And A Half. Basicaly You Fight Your Way Through A Plane Full Of Terrorists, Get A Slow Mo Kill, And Sky Dive Out Of The Plane In The End. - S7ARVAD3R

13 One Shot, One Kill
14 Wolverines!
15 Back On the Grid

Sixth mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The player takes control of Yuri as he, Price, and Soap go in search for cargo belonging to Makarov.

16 Dust to Dust
17 Of Their Own Accord
18 Whiskey Hotel
19 Takedown
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