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21 Blame It on the Tetons

Who can't identify with needing a cold one?

22 Polar Opposites

If this song isn't in the top three, then this list is a sham!

Helluva song!

23 S**T Luck
24 Autumn Beds
25 Little Motel

I believe this to be their most depressing song, but it is amazing and the video for it is so sad.

This is such a touching song. Whenever I listen to it tears fill up in my eyes.

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26 The View

Great song, very catchy. I have listened to it over and over again and I think that it definitely deserves a higher place on this list.

27 Bankrupt on Selling

Most powerful song of theirs by far. I get shivers every time I listen to it and I've been listening to them for over 6 years.

Just heard it for the first time today. I instantly fell in love. - Alpha101

One of my favorite songs (Modest Mouse or otherwise) of all time.

28 Edit the Sad Parts

This is the adolescent's theme song. Everyone's theme song for that matter. I don't understand how any song can be greater than this. Look it up and have yourself a nice cry at the beauty of it all.

I just want to let you all know that this song will be the greatest, most beautiful thing that has ever flowed into your brain.

29 King Rat

The song itself and the video directed by Heath Ledger, makes this song, by far, the best one!

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30 Satellite Skin

This is a good song - Quart

31 Lampshades on Fire

The next hit modest mouse song is as good as anything they have ever put out!

32 Bukowski

Why isn't this in the top 5! I mean really people are you fans or are you not cause everything bout this perfect. Brock's lyrics alone make this great!

33 Parting of the Sensory

This song is an epic akin to Weezer's "Only in Dreams." It spans myriad emotions and musical styles, starting with soft guitar plucking and ending in a tropical storm of Irish-inspired grandeur. A really poetic song about each of our place in the world.

The end of this song is one of the most intense I've ever heard in my life.

The lyrics are amazing and the way it builds at the end make thisy favorite modest mouse song.

34 Head South


Tells an awesome story and is insane when you're baked.

35 Buttons to Push Buttons
36 Night on the Sun

My favorite song of all time. So relaxing, so hypnotizing, so beautiful...

How is float on above this!? This song is a truly great song, I would have voted fo Edit the sad parts but I didn't see it... Anyways, this song creates a feeling of numbness. I'm not sure if Shakespeare could've written it better. Please, just take a moment to look at the lyrics and listen to the song and cry a little bit because of the beauty. Thanks.

37 Fire It Up

Grab that dial and turn this one up! In my top 10 for sure.

38 March Into the Sea

This is by far my favorite song. More people need to listen to this

This song is absolutely insane one of my all time favorites

A nice song, deserves higher

This is an amazing song. deserves to be much higher.

39 Heart Cooks Brain

This should be Top 10. Simply a masterpiece. Best Modest Mouse song by light years. My hearts the cliff and my brains the bitter buffalo!

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40 Florida

This is one of my favorite songs, very nice to hear.

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