Best Moments From the Motion Picture Jurassic Park

The hit movie that brought dinosaurs to life after 65 million years.

The Top Ten

The Park remains without electricity and the T-Rex attacks the Jeeps

The movie was presented mostly with this scene - MatrixGuy

This part gave me chills. - RadioHead03

It was great in 3D

T-rex saves the day and kills the raptors

So epic! T-rex proves why he's the king! I felt the power in his roar!

Great climax. Best scene in the entire movie and perhaps the series.

At first I though Grant and the others were goners. And then T.Rex suddenly just pops up and bites that first raptor. Then the big one jumped onto its neck and I thought it was dead. Then the T. Rex rolls him over, bites him and throws him into the skeleton. Then he let's out a mighty roar as the banner
" When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" came down.
All hail Rex, king of the dinosaurs...

The Raptor attack on the kids in the building
When we meet the first dinosaur, a Brachiosaurus and Dr. Alan Grant says: That's a Dinosaur

Here we can admire the first Dinosaur thanks to the ground breaking work of the ILM - MatrixGuy

Alan Grant explaining to the kid what a Velociraptor would do to him

A funny moment, the kid remains shocked, freezes by face - MatrixGuy

Nedry's pop up says "ah, ah, ah, you didn't say the magic word!"

Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word! #trollface

Alan and Ellie admiring a sick Triceratops
Muldoon is killed by the velociraptors

No this was a sad scene. I liked Muldoon. Damn I wish he survived.

John Hammond arriving with the guests

Superb view on the Park, soundtrack, the adventure begins - MatrixGuy

When the guy gets eaten on the toilet by Rexy

Dinosaurs needed to use the restroom too.


The Contenders

Nedry stealing the eggs and leaving the park without electricity

The bastard..., later he will get what he earns - MatrixGuy

The end scene when everyone is calmed and they leave the park assisted with the superb soundtrack
Nedry gets eaten
T-Rex chasing a Jeep with the scientists inside

This was hilarious. - RadioHead03

Dr. Ian Malcolm explaining chaos, the unpredictability that eventually will lead to the fall of the park
Nedry gets sprayed in the face with poison
Ellie gets attacked by a Velociraptor
The veterinarian digs around in the dinosaur's poop

"Now that is one big pile of s***. " Hahaha, that quote from Ian Malcolm cracks me up every time

The kids get attacked by the raptors in the kitchen
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