Best Moments In The History of Modern Music

These are thew ten modern day music moments that are truly legendary.

The Top Ten

1 Imagine Piano Riff - John Lennon

The most beautiful moment of a song, in probably the most beautiful song ever

2 Stairway To Heaven Solo - Led Zeppelin
3 Brain Damage / Eclipse Segway - Pink Floyd

Two great songs that, when they flow into each other, makes for one of the greatest moments in music history.

dark side of the moon=greatest album ever!

4 Smells Like Teen Spirit Intro - Nirvana

The moment that shook the 90's

5 Sweet Child O' Mine Intro - Gun's N Roses

a very "fun" kick off to a great song

6 Master Of Puppets Solo on S&M - Metallica and San Francisco Symphony

Best Solo Ever! James and Kirk alternating the solo at the end is sick

7 Whole Lotta Love Intro - Led Zeppelin

one of the best riffs ever and it just hits you right when the song starts.

8 The Ooh Moans In White Room - Cream

Eric Clapton gives us two of the greatest moments. At the beginning and middle of the song, the moans kick in and it's the best moment ever.

9 Dazed and Confused Lick After Guitar Solo - Led Zeppelin
10 The Scream - The Who

After a quiet synth solo, the scream just hits you and you know it's legendary right away.

The Contenders

11 Layla Outro - Derek And The Dominoes

Eclectic and sheer. It drags on for about two minutes too long, but it's still great.

No contest. A real masterpiece. - InsertNameHere

12 Bittersweet Symphony intro - The Verve

The best part is when it switches from a quiet riff to that middle explosion of sound, but keeps the beat. Also the best song of the 90's.

13 Wonderwall Chorus - Oasis

Once this song plays Everyone is singing along from from the start to the end

Memorable and collectively great. Probably the best chorus ever.

14 Champagne Supernova Chorus - Oasis

When this song get to the chorus everyone was singing along

15 Hardware Store Rapping Segment (The Long List) - Weird Al Yankovic
16 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) - Shakira
17 Back in Black Intro - AC/DC
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