Best Moments In The History of Modern Music

These are thew ten modern day music moments that are truly legendary.

The Top Ten

1 Imagine Piano Riff - John Lennon

The most beautiful moment of a song, in probably the most beautiful song ever

2 Stairway To Heaven Solo - Led Zeppelin
3 Brain Damage / Eclipse Segway - Pink Floyd

Two great songs that, when they flow into each other, makes for one of the greatest moments in music history.

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4 Whole Lotta Love Intro - Led Zeppelin

one of the best riffs ever and it just hits you right when the song starts.

5 Sweet Child O' Mine Intro - Gun's N Roses

a very "fun" kick off to a great song

6 Master Of Puppets Solo on S&M - Metallica and San Francisco Symphony

Best Solo Ever! James and Kirk alternating the solo at the end is sick

7 Smells Like Teen Spirit Intro - Nirvana

The moment that shook the 90's

8 The Ooh Moans In White Room - Cream

Eric Clapton gives us two of the greatest moments. At the beginning and middle of the song, the moans kick in and it's the best moment ever.

9 The Scream - The Who

After a quiet synth solo, the scream just hits you and you know it's legendary right away.

10 Layla Outro - Derek And The Dominoes

Eclectic and sheer. It drags on for about two minutes too long, but it's still great.

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The Contenders

11 Bittersweet Symphony intro - The Verve

The best part is when it switches from a quiet riff to that middle explosion of sound, but keeps the beat. Also the best song of the 90's.

12 Wonderwall Chorus - Oasis

Once this song plays Everyone is singing along from from the start to the end

Memorable and collectively great. Probably the best chorus ever.

13 Dazed and Confused Lick After Guitar Solo - Led Zeppelin
14 Hardware Store Rapping Segment (The Long List) - Weird Al Yankovic
15 Champagne Supernova Chorus - Oasis

When this song get to the chorus everyone was singing along

16 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) - Shakira
17 Back in Black Intro - AC/DC
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