Best Moments From the Motion Picture Armageddon

The best scenes from this superb movie from the Bay and Bruckheimer productions.

The Top Ten Best Moments From the Motion Picture Armageddon

1 A.J. and Grace together in a special moment

Grace: do you think it's possible that anyone else in the world... is doing this very same thing at this very same moment?
A.J. : I hope so. Otherwise, what the hell are we tryin' to save? - MatrixGuy

2 Harry saying goodbye to Grace
3 The Two Shuttle's landing on the Asteroid

An exciting scene with the tough landing and the amazing images from the Asteroid - MatrixGuy

4 Meteor Impacts in New York
5 The President's speech about Armageddon

During this speech there are presented the wonderful scenes about the hopes of people from all around the world - MatrixGuy

6 The opening sequence with the impact of the asteroid in the time of the Dinosaurs

Narrator: It hit with the force of 10,000 nuclear weapons - MatrixGuy

7 The Space Station Incident
8 The Homecoming when everybody's happy and rushing to the loved one
9 The Asteroid explosion and the relief of the people from all over the world
10 The training of the ''Astronauts"
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