Best Moments In the Movie DragonBall Z: Battle of Gods


The Top Ten

1 Vegeta Goes Into a Rage When Bills Slaps Bulma

Best husband ever!

One of the best scene in DBZ history. Vegebul for life!

2 Bills Easily Defeats Super Saiyan 3 Goku
3 Goku Transforms Into Super Saiyan God
4 Bills Easily Defeats the Z Fighters
5 Goku Transforms Into a Super Saiyan 3
6 Super Saiyan Goku Fires a Kamehameha
7 Bills Uses His Ultimate Attack
8 Bills States That Whis Is Stronger Than Him
9 Piccolo Sings Karaoke
10 Bills Blasts Mr. Buu Into a Lake

The Contenders

11 Vegeta performs the bingo song in desperation
12 Oolong faces off Beerus in rock paper scissors
13 Vegeta and Bulma
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