Best Moments from the Motion Picture The Matrix

One of the most spectacular movies off all time. What's your favorite scene?

The Top Ten

1 Neo realize that he is the one and defeats Agent Smith

Specially when he stop's the bullets - MatrixGuy

2 Neo & Trinity's fight against the buildings security

No denying it this scene is just damn awesome

AKA "The Lobby Scene" - Freak_Show1

3 Trinity's fight against the police and we can se the first time the time-freezing technique

Policeman to agent Smith :"I sent two units! They're bringing her down now! "
Agent Smith :"No, Lieutenant, your men
are already dead. " - MatrixGuy

4 Neo wake's up in the real world and realize that he is in a endles field where humans are born
5 Agent Smith's talking about mankind

Every scene from the movie is awesome... its hard to pick one

What are Smith says is the true fact. Humans are the most evil creatures!

From his point of view we are a virus to this planet :)) - MatrixGuy

6 Neo's fight against Agent Smith in the train station

The best part is when Neo manages to escape from Smith and he says "My name is Neo" - MatrixGuy

7 Neo's shooting from the helicopter on the agents

I think this scene's idea comed from the Terminator 2 similar scene but it looks good in this movie too... - MatrixGuy

8 Neo dodging all the agent's bullets in slow motion

One of the greatest & "spectacular" moment not only in this movie but in movie history. - Zordon2010

The most known matrix scene - MetallicaRocks247

9 Morpheus's teaching Neo to fight
10 Morpheus's explaining what happened with mankind

The Contenders

11 Cypher's betrayal monologue

I love that bit, so evil and twisted and yet somehow you relate to him

12 The helicopter crash into the building in a superb slow motion
13 Bullet Time
14 Mouse's Death
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