Best Moments from the Motion Picture Titanic

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1 Jack teaching Rose to fly in the front of the Titanic

Come on this scene defines the movie. Titanic wasn't made to just focus on the sinking, so this this particular scene embodies Jack and Rose's love. It's so beautiful with the music playing and the perfect sunset that James Cameron waited a week for. Plus this is the most famous scene in movie history!

Jack is looking with his sight staring far into the ocean, then Rose approaches very quiet ly and softly from behind him, to tell him that she is willing to stay with him. This is just a unforgetable moment. LOVELY!

One of my favorite movie s and definitely my favorite scene in the movie. Never scene such an amazing scene like it before

This is the big "PART" that is known throughout the world. This scene is what made it famous

2 When the old people are kissing on the bed knowing that they will die

I also cried in this part because the statement 'T'll death do us part" is true. Until their last breathe, they are together.

Sad as hell
Very untalked about but it should be!
! Nice movie!

made me cry as hell really, probably the part that made me cry the most

That's so sad

3 The final conversation bettween Jack and Rose

I cried in this part because Jack sacrifices his life just to save her love.

Don't get me started on how much I cried they deserved to live together forever I love this movie it's my forever all time favourite! :() :(I have to watch it again now so I can cry even more

A promise has too be kept

And so, a legend was born

4 You jump, I jump, Rose says Jack just after the scene when Rose jumped back to Titanic from rescue boat and both ran for each other.

Oh such a great scene it was.. This line is one of the best line which I have ever heard because that beautiful lines told is in the Starting of the movie.. And also be maintained till the last of the movie..

Of course this is a great scene, specially when this scene is accompanied by the soundtrack, and I really can't explain what kind of instrument is played here.

This is my favorite part because it shows that Rose doesn't want to leave Jack and that she loves him and couldn't live without being with him.

The scene gives goosebumps every time I see it. Loving someone is the greatest feeling in this world.

5 Titanic Hitting the Iceberg

Guys the iceberg is over a thousand years old

6 In the lifeboats going to carpathia
7 I'm flying
8 Rose being drawed nude

Especially at the moment when Jack puts his lead on the sheet, and "The Portrait" starts to play... Such an artistic moment

You know that is a gross part I made the movie go forward a bit.
Too dump what did her husband think when she got married

Yaa, it was really good. We can say that the moment was really a breathless moment.

Draw me like one of your French girls

9 When Rose beginns to tell the story and she says: Titanic was called the ship of dreams. And it was it really was

This is the moment when we go back in time and live the wonderful story of the movie

10 Jack in the front of the ship saying: I'm the king of the world

Everyone does this! This is why I hate this movie.

I like comments

Admit it. You’ve all done this at least once when standing on a boat.

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11 The end when the main characters are kissing and being watched by rest of the cast

I have to keep watching through my tears. It's so beautiful when everyone, especially Jack and Rose are reunited.

Best movie ending ever

I think this was the most tear jerking as well as heart warming moment of the movie.. this scene serves as a reminder to all the dreams, aspirations and feelings that the catastrophe took away.. the

Sadest part of the movie. It makes me cry and cry

12 Cal chasing rose with a gun
13 Rose falling off the ship

She didn't fall

14 The beggining with the black-white scene including the ship and the wonderfoul soundtrack

The truest moment of the movie with the best melody ever written

15 Rose jumping back on to the ship

She made a big scene there almost falling off the ship

The titanic sucks

*pertend I'm singing*These are a few of my scenes

16 Nearer My God to Thee playing

Imagine being a musician and playing a funeral piece, effectively knowing that you are playing at your OWN funeral!

So sad I was crying! Nearer my god to the so rest and peace lol

17 The ship hitting the iceberg
18 Jack and Rose Kiss at the End
19 When Jack explains that the rootless existence can be appealing
20 Rose's line: I'd rather be his whore than your wife!

This is such a powerful moment! Billy Zane gets served!

it shows how much she love jack and that when I women loves some one she really loves them.

21 Lovejoy Chases Rose
22 When the ship is sinking and Rose gets on the raft and looks up at Jack

Best scene.. One of the only scenes I cried during, throughout the whole movie!

23 Jack saving Rose
24 Rose using the axe to free Jack
25 The Car Scene: Jack to Rose: Where to Miss?, Rose: To the Stars

This one is good

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