Best Money Insults

The Top Ten

1 If you had a dollar for every time you used your mind, you couldn't afford Dollar Tree
2 Sorry, you need a buck for this lollipop, I don't care if it's your life savings

That's cruel. Except that don't use this on me. I've plenty of bucks. - Kiteretsunu

3 You're so poor you went to a wishing well and threw in an IOU
4 Give me a buck and I will give you a brain
5 I bet you a cent you can't run to the stop sign and back, oh you don't have enough money to pay me, meh
6 Hey I got you your first job, happy 70th birthday!
7 Money money money, if only you knew what I was talking about
8 Yo mommas so fat, she has as many chins as Donald Trump has dollars
9 Here I got you a check, for $0.00
10 I won the bet, now where's the IOU
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