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21 Rehab (Pink Lemonade)

It has a sweet and sour taste at the same time altho not as good as original lemonade rehab

This is my all time favorite!

Slurp slurp yum yum

Its smooth

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22 Monster Lewis Hamilton

Hands down my favourite flavour

23 Salted Caramel
24 Ultra Blue

Unique taste that is smooth and light, an amazing summer beverage that is always good chilled

I have a thing for ultra blue. Keeps me sane and satiated, while keeping me body still in shape.

25 Monster Energy Punch

I love it,that's the first monster I ever hade and it got me sold on monster

The Best!

! 😲 this is delicious but hard to find it's the purple one and taste like mixed berrys but in a good way with an end hint of fizzy grape
Semi like the K.A drink

26 Citron V 1 Comment
27 Ubermönster

By Far the smoothest and best tasting Monster Ever. This is from a guy who use to drink the original Monster everyday! I almost wish Ubermonster was alcoholic. Drink for thought Monster

It's really good

28 Anti-Gravity (Nitrous)
29 Kona Blend (Java) V 1 Comment
30 Irish Blend Java V 1 Comment
31 Absolutely Zero (Blue)

Amazing. Less sour than original but still keeps the Monster taste. Tastes a lot like Lo-Carb though.

32 Super Dry (Nitrous)
33 Orangeade (Rehab)
34 X-Presso Hammer
35 Monster Energy Ultra Black
36 Ultra Citron

This is my hands down favorite thing to drink, like a tart lemon aid on steroids.
I live in Kailua Kona and you really have to hunt for this flavor it is always out of stock to when I see it I clear the shelf. Amazing crisp bite. I keep meaning to try it spiked with Vodka.

37 Absolutely Zero (Blue)

Just generally the best tasting. It's like the original just no calories or sugar + less sour.

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