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21 Dragon


He's awesome

22 Lucas Oil Crusader

I love him I have a toy truck of him

Race winning machine baby!

23 Bulldozer

This is probably the best truck ever in skills, it basically looks like el toro loco except its better at stunts and it doesn't crash or loose its horns.

This truck is not the best in skills

This truck is one of the best El Toro Loco styles out of the red, black, orange, yellow, chrome red and now bage ya dude Bulldozer is one of the best

24 Son-Uva Digger

Son uva digger is quite the truck! He's the single greatest in my opinion and he can easily win racing AND freestyle, he's in the top of the double down books.

Yes son uva digger is the best, he is the son of a legend, he even drives the truck of a legend!

He rocks, way better then other grave digger truck.

Good driver

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25 Goldberg

Tom Meents Drove This Truck Before Max D And Team Meents This Truck Was For The WCW Wrestler Bill Goldberg - christangrant

26 Iron Man

Best avenger

27 Brutus

Best cyclones and awesome at freestyle

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28 Equalizer
29 King Krunch
30 Nitro Circus

Nitro circus is rubbish at monster jam. Travis Pastrana isent the one for monster jam he's better of doing fmx, rally and other serious sports but he just isent the type of driver for monster jam unfortuantly... No efenss travis if you see this message

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31 Reptoid

Always an awesome looking truck

Great Driver, Beast Truck. Put together solid runs without tearing up his truck. Put Anderson, Meents, and Hartsock in their places when MJ entered GA or FL.

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32 El Diablo

Truck looks awesome

I really like his tounge that goes up and down.

The best car

33 Gunslinger

Should easily be in the top 10 both in the sport and out. One of the best guys you could ever meet, and definitely slays everyone

34 Doomsday

Cool but really weird

Really good truck

35 Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

This truck is cool

+we love hot wheels

36 Hooked
37 Zombie Hunter

I like that truck so bad that I want the big to truck

I have not herd of zombie hunter

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38 Crushstation


39 Jurassic Attack
40 Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Awesome you rock too pup

Candace Jolly rocks!

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