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61 Backwards Bob

Does anyone like backwards bob cause I do he is my dad's favorite

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62 Predator

I Used To Have a lot of toy monster trucks this and grave digger were my favorates

63 El Toro Loco (Yellow)

BECKY MCDONOUGH the best monster truck driver in the World and she is a hot Girl monster truck driver to el Toro loco yellow is the best monster truck in the World of monster jam trucks.

BECKY MCDONOUGH IS THE BEST MONSTER TRUCK DRIVER IN THE world OF MONSTER jam she is a hot monster truck driver to EL Toro Loco yellow is the best monster truck in the world

The best

64 El Toro Loco (Black)
65 Monster Energy

Damon Bradshaw is the beast does he use monster energy drink for gasoline or what

I think this truck should be 1-3 rank because this monster truck is cool and strong

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66 Mopar Magic
67 Monster Magic
68 Mopar Muscle
69 Krazy Train
70 Samson
71 Wolverine
72 Aftershock
73 Iron Outlaw
74 FDNY (Fire Department New York)

In honor of the men and women FDNY IS THE BEST MONSTER TRUCK FEVER FOR MONSTER JAM never forgot 9/11

75 Thrasher
76 Obsession
77 Nitro Hornet
78 Razin Kane
79 Maniac

Who wants the king of car crusher, check out this new one

80 Stone Crusher

# 1 Stone crusher jams

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