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1 Little Talks

Brilliant song! And CBro7 you should listen to their other songs before speaking - wolphert

I agree with this list completely. Nice work. I am not sure they can make a song better than Little Talks.

I've tried finding this song for over four years, and it is my favorite.

The lyrics to this track make me happy even though the song meaning is sad

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2 Mountain Sound

Can't stop listening to this it's an absolutely amazing song and so catchy

I really love this song. It reminds me of years when I live ranch.

This song doesn't get old for me, it just makes me wanna go jump into the lake and have the time of my life!

This song should be in 1st place it's like the best song I've ever heard

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3 King and Lionheart

"As the world comes to an end, I'll be here to hold your hand"

It's the perfect song to describe the love you feel for a sibling. You might get mad and fight, but when it really matters, you're there for each other like no one else. The storytelling behind this song is a pure simple beauty that never fails to take my breath away

Beautiful song.

This song is truly a representative of beauty and happiness. It is the essential dose of "musical drug" we need in our daily lives. You wont regret downloading this song.

A feels trip!

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4 Dirty Paws

I think that the pure story element of this song makes it lovely. It's passionate, and beautiful, and mysterious. One of my all time favorites.

Beautiful song, reminds me of the hobbit movies for some reason

This song should be in first place, not fourth. It's so beautiful and a song you'll never get tired of listening to.

I love this song, the words, meaning, actual music...

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5 Six Weeks

Amazing song, probably my favorite on My Head is an Animal

Perfect song, which gets only better as it goes

Absolutely incredible, the beat is intense. The whole thing is great, but the best part is when Nanna comes in towards the end, absolutely beautiful transition

Brilliant that's ill I've got

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6 Your Bones

In my opinion this is their best song it's just so catchy and awesome

Why is this not number one? D: Listen to it now!

BEst song

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7 From Finner

Hands down my favorite

I love this song so much! The lead up, the crescendo, the piano solo, the harmonies, the chorus, the chanting bits, the percussion! I love it all!

Beautiful song, amazing lyrics, easily the best off the album

SO AMAZING, definitely underrated

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8 Crystals

This song inspired me to write a whole novel. It's powerful, strong and incredibly deep, and it's one of the few that has made me ever cry. No song will be more special to me than Crystals.

Such a beautiful song. It's pretty much brand new, yet every time I hear it, I feel great and happy and... uplifted. Like any OMAM song. Sure, it's a bit hard to warm up to the video, but after listening to it for a while, you don't mind. I say this one should move right up there to Little Talks, which is the only OMAM song I got tired of. :) (Note: I feel guilty for pushing Sinking Man down on this list. Also a favourite. )

It's a pretty new song, but it's honestly really, really good and deserves to be in the top 5!

Beautiful song. They make amazing music. I love them

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9 Lakehouse

I really love this one. It's up there with Your Bones and King and Lionheart

Such a powerful under rated song. I think it beats little talks.


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10 Love Love Love

This song deserves to be in the top 5. The music is so beautiful and lyrics are so deep. It's my favourite song from the band

Why isn't this in the top ten? It's one of their most popular songs and it's number 14! Why?

Heh how could a song like this not be in top 5?

There is no song that can compare

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11 Slow and Steady

Possibly my favorite song of all time. This is a song that really helped me get through some rough times and loneliness and I always get so emotional listening to this one. I love almost every song by them, but nothing beats this one.

Humble and beautiful song. It hypnotizes me every time I listen. But all OMAM songs tend do that to me

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12 Silhouettes

My favorite song in the world. Absolutely beautiful.

In my opinion, this is their best song. The lyrics and sound is just awesome

It's the best ever. one of the must hear songs

This song is so sad yet so beautiful

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13 Wolves Without Teeth

This should be in the top five!

Best song ever.

A wonderful song. My favorite part is the pre-chorus.

I just downloaded this album and this is by far my favorite!

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14 Sloom

Definitely one of their most underrated songs. It's just fantastic

Very catchy and addicting!

Sloom is beautiful and calming. With incredibls meaning. It's a murder told backwards which makes it even more unique! ONE OF MY FAVOURITES OVERALL

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15 Empire

Every time I hear the chorus I feel like my heart is gonna explode. By far the most amazing chorus I have ever heard of any song!

Such a brilliant song. Wonderfully crafted to produce a stunning chorus

The chorus is to die for

This song makes me feel happy, nostalgic, calm, and inspired. I love everything about it.

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16 Yellow Light

I love just listening to the music after the lyrics and the way it fits together so well

This song is one of the few songs I can well and truly zone out to.

I don't really have any other way to describe it other than chilling and mesmerizing.

This song HAS to be higher than 10! IT IS AMAZING!

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17 Thousand Eyes

Chilling and haunting, truly a great song

One of the best songs I have ever heard

So haunting and dark... One of the best - RandomPerson1234

Deserves top 10 - YOUnique253

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18 Organs

The most beautiful song I have ever heard. It made me cry

One of my favourites there is just so much feeling in it.

Saddest OMAM song - RandomPerson1234

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19 I of the Storm

This song HIT me. Hard. It's one of the most emotionally compelling songs I've heard in quite a while. I love it when I get such a powerful response to music.

I swear of Monsters and men do not have a single bad song. They are amazing and I'm in love with them.

Such a great song. It touches everyone who listens to it and has a strong meaning to it.

I love it! So beautiful and moving!

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20 Human

The best OMAM song.

This has one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever had. This definitely NEEDS to belong in the top 5.

Man this should be number 1

21 We Sink


This should be top 2nd right after Little talks!

Very charming begining.

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22 Numb Bears

Such a poignant song.

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23 Slow Life

I love the outro and bridge... so great! - Rathernotbenamed

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24 Skeletons

Great live song from a great live album

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25 Black Water

I love this. It sort of just makes me feel better. Can't for the life of me say why, as the lyrics aren't exactly uplifting.

No matter how stressed,sad or simply bored I am, this song always manages to relax me, and cheer me up, which is rather ironic since the lyrics are not exactly happy

Just amazing

26 Beneath My Bed
27 Hunger

This song is so beautiful.

Why is it so low!? It litterally makes me cry when I apply it to my life! - Rathernotbenamed

How is this song number 30? This is one of the best songs on Beneath the Skin, my favorite after I of the Storm, Empire, and Crystals. This deserves to be so mush higher

Why is this song so lowly's a top song in beneath the skin

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28 Backyard

Find me in the backyard... I always thought it was funny in the backyard before I saw the lyric video

Cold and dark lyrics but a great song

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30 Sinking Man

Beautiful song. Really gives me chills. Makes my life make more sense.

Absolutely beautiful,don't know why TWD hasn't used it yet

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31 Winter Sound

This song is brilliant. There are no other words to describe it.

This is one of my favorite OMAM songs... it's really uplifting and has an amazing instrumental. I honestly can't believe this one is the least popular song, it's simply amazing.

This is my FAVORITE OMAM song!

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32 Wild Roses

Such an amazing song from the new album.

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