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21 Skeletons

Great live song from a great live album

22 Human

This has one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever had. This definitely NEEDS to belong in the top 5.

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23 Slow Life
24 Black Water

I love this. It sort of just makes me feel better. Can't for the life of me say why, as the lyrics aren't exactly uplifting.

No matter how stressed,sad or simply bored I am, this song always manages to relax me, and cheer me up, which is rather ironic since the lyrics are not exactly happy

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25 Beneath My Bed
26 Backyard

Find me in the backyard... I always thought it was funny in the backyard before I saw the lyric video

Cold and dark lyrics but a great song

27 Sinking Man

Beautiful song. Really gives me chills. Makes my life make more sense.

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28 Hunger

How is this song number 30? This is one of the best songs on Beneath the Skin, my favorite after I of the Storm, Empire, and Crystals. This deserves to be so mush higher

Why is this song so lowly's a top song in beneath the skin

Wow. This is fantastic!

Hungry for the kill...

29 We Sink

Very charming begining.

30 Winter Sound

This is one of my favorite OMAM songs... it's really uplifting and has an amazing instrumental. I honestly can't believe this one is the least popular song, it's simply amazing.

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