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1 Nights in White Satin

These guys are the best

Probably the most popular song, it is iconic and immediately delves you into memories!

One of my all time favorite songs!

Mama y good times listening to them love them

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2 The Other Side of Life

The best of moody blues..
What a number!

3 Your Wildest Dreams

I like to think "Your Wildest Dreams" will be adored by generations to come, much as I and many others in my generation adore this song. And I'm sure there are others who agree with me that this mere pop song rates as transcendent art.

I love all their songs but this one means a great deal to me personally.

My mom was always a huge Moody Blues fan and I was always happiest when this song came on. Still one of my favorites

So very recognizable and beautiful! Fills me with happiness and smiles!

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4 I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock & Roll Band)

One of Johns best


5 I Know You're Out There Somewhere

One of their noteworthy songs and like Your Wildest Dreams. The tune is a memo-rising reserve to its meaning and always listen to it a lot.

This certainly ranks above "Your Wildest Dreams". Certainly higher then The Other Side of Life.

No, it actually doesn't. The lower list numbers rank higher, and the other 2 songs have been given those positions on this list. - Billyv

A great song...

6 Go Now!

This song really means something to me but it's unfortunate that it isn't more popular. - Beatlesboy9

Denny Laine makes this song. Big loss for the Moodies after he left

7 The Story in Your Eyes

Their albums from Days of Future Passed thru Seventh Sojourn were their best works. Brilliant album art as well. Leaving them out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is nonsense, ridiculous, illogical and insulting. - Billyv

From their most mature creative period. Straight ahead rock, not vapid blue jays stuff that came later.

Just awesome. Get goose bumps every time I hear it!

My favorite, and I agree about the first albums through Seventh Sojourn

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8 Question

Wonderful lyrics combined with powerful vocals truly deliver a fantastic experience. In one word a masterpiece

To overrated

9 Gemini Dream
10 The Voice

Fantastic song from Justin Hayward, the songwriter

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11 Melancholy Man

The national anthem of melancholy men.

12 Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)

The music & lyrics of the Moody Blues songs are some of the most beautiful & meaningful ever written. They still sound amazing live, too!

Really people. This has been a clear cut 1 or 2 for 30 years

It's a beautiful song, best is long album version

Top 5 in my opinion

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13 22,000 Days

My personal favourite MB song.

14 One More Time to Live

Evolutionary biology and psychology majors should listen to this one

15 Talking Out of Turn

Best Song on Long Distance Voyager - Epic song.

16 Isn't Life Strange
17 Haunted
18 In My World
19 Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time)

Already on the list.

20 Legend of a Mind

This song is just perfect - psychedelic, with amazing flute solo, very dreamy and upbeat, just, well ya know, just fantastic! - Moonchild

The moment that the other instruments come in following the flute solo is beyond belief!

The depth of this composition is unsurpassed in the Moody Blues catalogue. Ray Thomas, with his songwriting, flute, and soprano vocals has written a masterpiece.

One cannot help but think of San Francisco and the Haight /Asbury district when listening to this song. Hearing it brings back EVERYTHING about the summer of love - the sights (and sites), the SOUNDS, the bustle and street performers, even the smells of incense in the air. This song epitomizes and defines 1960s in S.F. I was lucky enough to meet Timothy Leary there in 1988 -- I'll never forget it. And this song played in the back of my mind while we chatted.

21 Minstrel's Song
22 Nervous

How to create a list of the Moody blues' most beaitul songs with no the songs
Talking Out Turn
The voice?
You lost your mind!

23 Ride My See-Saw

Unbelievable this isn't much, much higher...One of their all-time best! - Rocketman5000

Great song with a driving rhythm. Makes you want to cruse.

I voted for this because this is WAAYYY too low for this song.

24 Lost In a Lost World
25 Candle of Life

Just listen to it again... poetic and a really good feeling.

26 Forever Autumn

One of my favourite songs. Should be at the top of the list with Nights in White Satin.

I can't believe this song isn't even listed.

Great Song!

27 Sitting at the Wheel
28 Are You Sitting Comfortably
29 Voices In the Sky
30 For My Lady

Cannot believe this isn't in the Top 20. Beautiful song. - Rocketman5000

31 Had to Fall In Love

Acoustic and beautiful song from the superior craftsmanship of the Moodies.

32 King and Queen
33 It's Up to You

Great mellow rock tune it's not to long but just right.

34 Gimme a Little Somethin'
35 Lovely to See You

Number 1 song

36 Driftwood
37 Sooner or Later (Walkin' On Air)

Catchy and very uplifting, Justin, John and Ray did well together in a triple duet vocal resonation. I wish that song should have been a single sung by three members. Golly!

38 I Dreamed Last Night
39 What Am I Doing Here?
40 The Swallow
41 Say What You Mean
42 Strange Times
43 Om
44 Foolish Love
45 Dawning Is the Day
46 Emily's Song
47 How Is It (We Are Here)
48 Meet Me Halfway
49 Blue World
50 Steppin' in a Slide Zone

Haunting from the beginning, begins a pulse as an energy rocker from John Lodge.

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