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41 Kano & Skarlet

They are both ruthless and are not. Afraid of getting a little blood on their hands

Thy both are ruthless and not Afraid of getting a little blood On their hands

42 Kenshi & Skarlet V 1 Comment
43 Sub-Zero & Mileena

Sub is hot... That's all. Oh and prince & the beast I don't know

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44 Erron Black & Cassie Cage

They seem like a very fitting couple in my opinion. Why not ship these two?

A cowboy and a soldier. They'd make a cute couple.

45 Tanya & Mileena

Even though this would be a fem/slash, they do make a good couple. Tanya serves and defends Mileena, well enough.

Seems like another legit couple. Although I kinda prefer Mileena X Scorpion. I like this couple as well. And if there's a chance that they might ever get together they'd probably become my OTP.


46 Cassie Cage & Takeda

They'd make a cute couple. A badass and a telepath.


47 Sub-Zero & Sareena

Match made in heaven. Or in the evil case, match made in hell. They're adorable.

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48 Reiko & Tanya

Backstabbers... It feels like they're only loyal to themselves. Wait, I take it back about Tanya only being loyal to herself. Difference between these two is...Tanya HASN'T betrayed Mileena. Reiko is only loyal to HIMSELF. Still, they'd make a cute couple.

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49 Kung Lao & Ashrah

KungLao very strong and Limei is a very smart women (+strong) and just COOL

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50 Mavado & Li Mei

They are similar. In MK Armageddon their costumes similar too. They looks good together. Sweet couple.

I agree when it comes to deadly alliance, deception and Armageddon

They both have a lot of story potential, and look like a good couple.

51 Baraka & Kitana

Baraka and kitana would be the best couple because she was with baraka before and she have some sharp weapen like baraka

Okay do u think Kitana would like that ugly dude
She already do not like Mileena

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52 Scorpion & Kitana

Because they are such a cute couple they both are powerful and strong and they both have a sharp weapon

Both have been brainwashed and betrayed.

Better than scorpion and mileena.

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53 Tanya and Scorpion

Tanya and Scorpion would be great couples

54 Kenshi & Mileena

Not the best couple I ever saw in my life

Well kenshi can't see
So Mileena wouldn't have a probably being around him

55 Onaga & Li Mei

Yes they do make a great couple! It's like Beauty and the Best but in Mortal Kombat style!

56 Smoke & Khameleon
57 Mileena & Kano

Mileena and Kano is karate duos above deform face. Great fatality, great art films and serials. Kano have knife and Mileena have Sai.

Mileena is just ugly and so as kano so they make a good couple
Just by thinking about gives me the creeps

58 Liu Kang & Sareena

They both have super powerful kicks and they are both sexy!

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59 Johnny Cage & Jade

I would really like johnny cage and jade to bet togeather beacues their both attractive by men and women so I think they would make a great couple

Johnny Cage is karate master and he is me long kick and green fireball. Jade is danger creature in green costum. This duo is werry different and the duo alliance his great fighters. Johnny Cage is in game MK1, MK2, MK4 and film, Jade in look at MK2 and MK3 and film. Great duo.

60 Kung Lao & Li Mei

They're cute Ya know?

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