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1 Sektor & Cyrax

Cyrax is yellow robot Sector and red, Cyrax was in the movie MK2 and has good fatality in the game Sector also has a good fatality.

2 Noob & Smoke

Noob Saibot is black ninja amazing power of MK3 ultimate, film MK2 and serial MK Conquest. Smoke is grey robot in game MK3 ultimate and film MK2. Great duo.

They are so hard to beat when they switch turns fighting you. - dean42

3 Quan Chi & Shang Tsung

They are the deadly alliance so they are almost unbeatable! - dean42

Quan Chi is be great sorcer, discover Quan Chi is have game Mortal Kombat 4. In game Quan Chi kill to god Shinnok and Quan Chi lost fight offer Scorpion. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung his two big sorcer and fighter. Duo his big alliance, Shang Tsung is in game MK1 and MK2.

Quan Chi and Shang Tsung is two sorcerer, werry good fights and great speedly, his is magy to werry afterful. Black costeem and mysterious style.

4 Onaga & Reptile

Onaga was actually released into Reptile's body in Deadly Alliance and formed into a new body. - dean42

Reptile is a dangerous reptilian Reptile with a ninja mask Onaga in winged warrior, male.

Onaga is a winged dangerous alien fighter, a very effective enemy of good.

Reptile is a powerful lizard from the realm Zattera and Onaga she is a from the this empire.

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5 Liu Kang & Kitana

Liu Kang control to change of green dragon body and Liu is legendary hero mortal kombat, films and games. Kitana is princess Edenia blue jacket and weapon fans, Kitana and Liu Kang is many years alliance.

Kitana is Edenian princess, descendant king Jarrod. She help to Liu Kang old generation warrior, name Kung Lao. Kitana life many many years and new past years help to Liu Kang, young Kung Lao generation. Kitana is in blue costume and me weapons fans. Liu Kang in black and red costum.

Liu Kang and Kitana is history MK dous. In film MK 1 is great fighter Liu Kang and edenian princess Kinata alliance duo is winning of shadow power thanks great complete, film MK 2 his again. In game mk 1, 2, 3, and 4 his Liu Kang and edenian princess Kitana be great alliance.

6 Sub Zero & Scorpion

Legendary, yin and yang - nytrizzle

I like legendary deadly yellow skelet firing fighter Scorpion, and his alliance Sub Zero. Sub Zero is blue colour ninja in mask. My best favour is original old freeze Sub Zero. Best duos Sub Zero and Scorpion in film and game MK1. Great dous. Young brather Sub Zero have down mask and scar. My best duo his old Sub Zero and old Scorpion.

The duo deadly and danger enemy of out world, but sleep Shang Tsung power. Sub Zero is freeze maniak in blue costum, and Scorpion, his werry old fire power in yellow costum, and of hand push up Scorpions haad, and fire Fatalities of game, s and films MK.

The legendary duo of films MK1,MK2 and MK Conquest and the games MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4.

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7 Ermac & Rain

Ermac is red ninja is power to saka soul and good devastation fighter is forme body, and his friend Rain to purple ninja his transmite lightning, round is world to Edenie. Rain is life many years, good fighter.

Ermac is red ninja and Rain is purple ninja. This is specifical Mortal Kombat danger duo of PC game MK Ultimate and film MK2. This duo of round Edenia.

8 Shang Tsung & Goro

Shang Tsung is master magi in MK conquest. Goro is guard kobalt cell Khaka. Last many years is Shang Tsung and dragon prince Goro best duo in the space.

Power sorcer black magi and four hand beatle ninja Goro.

Game MK1, in Goro lair his Goro job guard oldest sorcer Shang Tsung. Goro is four hand gigantice dragon and Shang Tsung is sorcer push up fire ball. In film MK 1 Goro winner many match and his legend Shang Tsung and his many creatures, complete crush world number 1 Shang creature is Goro. Seriel MK Conquest is Shang to cell Shaka.

Mortal Kombat 1 game Goro (Hard) and sorcerer Shang Tsung, werry big interested duo. Intellected sorcer in have power challange body and big dragon Goro. Best duo in film MK1 and serial MK Conquest. And MK2, MK3, and MK4.

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9 Sonya and Jax

Police woman and man from MK have a good Fatality.

Sonya and Jax his in film MK1 and MK2. The duo of game MK2, MK3 and MK4. Sonya and Jax is police duo, great fighters. Jax excellent in film MK2, winning many fight. Jax his weapon pulce metal of hand and Sonya have werry good falality.

Sonya and Jax is duo of film MK1 and MK2. Sonya and Jax have great fighter, Sonya is woman, Jax is man. Great art Sonya Blade to game MK3, Sonya his great final Fatality. In fatality Sonya push up of kiss sandy fireball, and opponent destroil. Sonya have green costum, Jax have steel to hands.

10 Baraka & Mileena

Baraka and Mileena is duo of round Edenia, Baraka is game MK2, and Mileena also. This duo have big kiss. Baraka is creature, Mileena is beatiful creature in purple costum. Duo also to film MK2.

In game MK2 me Baraka in hand, s push up zords, and Mileena me in game MK2, weapons name Sai. This duo me wherry worst fatality. Baraka kill to two zords and Mileena my deadly kiss of pink mask. This duo is discover to film MK2 and MK legacy.

The Contenders

11 Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade

Johnny Cage have super kicks, Sonya Blade have super woman fighter. Duo of game MK1 and MK4. Great duo in film MK1. Super spell and fatality. Johnny Cage film man and Sonya Blade police woman. Duo best fighters. Werry intellect.

12 Shao Kahn & Goro

Shao Kahn mighty emperor outworld, have to mask and Goro is many years do guard his Shao Kahn home, gate to out world and cell of werry match empires. Icluding earth.

Emperor Shao Kahn and dragon Goro, werry strongly duos of games MK and films. Goro is be shampion tournament MK many years and Shao Kahn his power no - limited.

13 Sub Zero & Smoke

Sub Zero have blue costum freeze man have scar to face. I take duo Sub Zero and Smoke of game MK3, and film MK2 as Sub Zero young brather. Smoke is grey robot alliance to Shao Kahn. Sub Zero me freeze and Smoke me fire weapons. Historical duo.

14 Sub Zero & Raiden

Raiden and Sub Zero, is MK practical duo. Film MK1 is god Raiden and mortal friends paralyze blue to lin quei master Sub Zero. MK2 is started young brather Sub Zero in face to scar. God Raiden to MK conquest speak of history Sub Zero and MK games is 1, 2, 3, 4 is this specifical duo.

This is great MK Duos, my comparison here duo of Sub Zero young brather in scar to face, and Raiden, (God of big power). My compare this duo in discover to Sub Zero in scar to face in fact his original werry old Sub Zero is be deadly fatality of Liu Kang of film MK1. My true this here duo is compare young Sub Zero and god thunder and lightening name Raiden. Old original Sub Zero his werry last time dead.

Sub Zero is blue Lin Kuei ninja spell to ice, and Rayden is From the god the biggist power. In serial Mortal Kombat conquest the watching Rayden and Sub Zero to eyes to eyes. Signelization Apocalips!

15 Liu Kang & Johnny Cage

They are the best i"ve never lost with them

Liu Kang and Johny Cage is get make to old ship. Duo is winning fighting to many sorcer and deadly opponent. Liu Kang is know cycle kick and transmist to green dragon. Johny Cage is know speed magic kick.

16 Liu Kang & Raiden

Liu Kang and Raiden start to game MK1, MK2, and werry great fighter Liu Kang, of film MK1 and MK2, Raiden also. And also game MK4. Liu Kang have fatality challenge to dragon, and Rayden, power lightening, great fly and thunder god.

17 Raiden & Kotal Kahn

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18 Freddy Krueger & Kratos

Freddy Krueger is a Elm Street Nightmare fighting in news MK a burned man in a red sweater hat and Kratos is a bald head with swords from news MK.

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