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1 General Fuzuki

Yay add me a eaextreme

2 Zack Binspin

He is the coolest

3 Lady Googoo

Lady googoo is by far the best she should be the number 1 moshling so yeah post it for the number 1 space yeah woohoo lady googoo rules ok bye bye

4 Cleo

Shes so cute

5 McNulty
6 Ecto

Love Ecto

lol ecto!

7 Blingo

Buy Busters Lost Moshlings Book
It has an exclusive one time code for him

8 Hansel
9 Liberty
10 Roxy

Listen, getting Roxy is REALLY easy. Log in to your Moshi Monsters account.
Press the button on the bottom with IGGY that says ENTER SECRET CODE. Type in HOBBIDIDANCE. You will be awarded a Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant it with two other seeds of your choice and you have Roxy! Come back in to your garden a day later than click on her and click on KEEP fast. You do not have to be a Moshi Member for this.

The Contenders

11 Coolio
12 Mini-ben
13 Burnie

Code to get Burnie
Red snap apple
Red snap apple
Blue crazy daisy

14 DJ Quack
15 Kissy
16 Cutie Pie
17 Oddie
18 Stanley

Code to get stanley
Any dragon fruit
Any dragon fruit
Any love berries

19 Rocky
20 Honey

Honey Is so Cute! - JamieHaslam

21 Iggy

Iggy is awesome

22 Jeepers
23 Boomer
24 Plinky
25 Pip

Pip is so cute!

Purchase the My Moshi Playset for an exclusive one time code

26 Chop Chop

Code to get Chop Chop
Any dragon fruit
Any dragon fruit
Any dragon fruit

27 Cherry Bomb

Complete Mission 4 from Season 1
Candy Catastrophe

28 Tiamo

Complete Mission 7 from Season 1
25, 000 Leagues Under The Fur

29 White Fang

He is so cute and amazing

30 Nancy
31 ShiShi
32 Sooki-Yaki
33 Purdy

She deserves to be here

34 Lady Meowford
35 Pooky
36 Mrs. Snoodle

I don't like her that much seems like a Mary Sue.

37 Suki-Yaki

THE COOLEST! I don't like how they added that new "Kazuki the kabuki kitikat" what? We already have a ninja cat and it's suki-yaki!

38 Tomba
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1. General Fuzuki
2. McNulty
3. Ecto
1. Blingo
2. Roxy
3. Zack Binspin
1. Zack Binspin
2. Liberty
3. Mini-ben


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