Best, Most Romantic Book Couples Ever

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41 Melanie Hamilton and Ashley Wilkes

Forget Scarlette & Rhette. Melanie & Ashley were the real romantic couple of 'Gone With The Wind. '

42 Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala


43 Christian Ozera and Lissa Dragomir
44 Eddie Castile and Jill Dragomir
45 Alex Fuentes and Brittany Ellis
46 Max and Fang
47 Simon and Caroline
48 Leo Valdez and Calypso

Who doesn't love Ca-Leo? I mean, seriously. They're so so so so adorable. I feel like they just really balance each other out and care a lot for each other.

Caleo is adorable and cannon, it should he higher up

Yesss I love this so much

49 Noel Kahn and Aria Montgomery

Gosh! Cutest couple ever. Where is my PLL fandom? Noel loves Aria even after he knows the girl his old teacher had an affair with WAS HER! Also if you ship Ezria please leave mah alone. Like Ezra in the books is just annoying! And Aria and Noel stay together after the twist including Real Ali (no spoilers, I'll try). Noel travels across the world to see her when she's MIA. And at first Aria thought Noel was just a "Typical Rosewood". Now I will quote the last book of the series an Ariel moment: "All of a sudden she realized he was wearing his Nike University of Pennsylvania shirt he wore when they re-met after Aria returned from Iceland. He had tried to strike up conversation, but she had blew him off, thinking she was so above him and that he couldn't possibly like her. Boy, was she wrong. Who knew they'd be here in a few short years? " So the cool thing is Aria had a HU-GE crush on Noel in 7th grade and he actually liked her when Ezra/Mr. Fitz came around. Way ...more

50 Travis Maddox and Abby Abernathy
51 Annabel Lee and the Unnamed Narrator
52 Marco Alisdair and Celia Bowen

I believe, that Marco and Celia from the book "Night Circus" are the best couple, because they found their love and fought for it under all circumstances, even when they were supposed to kill each other in a deadly game, which lasted more than fifty years, and afterwards turned into "ghosts" together, because they did not wanted to be separated. Of course, I also like the fact, that they are/were both great magicians/illusionists which gives their relationship some interesting twists.

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