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21 Sinematic

This song is amazing! Definitely their best song yet!

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22 Puppets 2 (The Rain)

I don't understand why songs off infamous and reincarnate are so low down on this list? Yet songs like santa's pissed are in the top ten

23 570
24 Synthetic Love

The song that started my obsession for Motionless in White. This song will forever mean so much to me.

25 Du Hast
26 Eternally Yours

This is the best song I've ever heard in ma whole life.

This song is so amazing

This song is like 4 moths old or so and it’s 28th on this list. That says something. - Mixer

27 Scissorhands (The Last Snow)

It's such a angry and beautiful song at the same time, mixing a feeling of longing and melancholy with the feeling of built up rage. The synths are great, the guitars are heavy, the drums kick and Chris's screams are so powerful. The only bad thing to this song is that the melodic singing is slightly generic, but other than that, this is their best and most underrated piece.

My all time favorite MIW song without a doubt. This deserves to be in the top 10, considering it's #1 in my mind.

28 Hatef***

Just and amazing song overall it's proably the best perfect in everyway

29 Wasp

I adore this song! Definitely one of Motionless in Whites all time best

Hello?... Why isn't this AMAZING SONG farther up?

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30 The Whorror
31 Contemptress
32 Burned at Both Ends

My favorite song off Infamous, and probably my favorite by MIW, period. It's fast paced and heavy, yet it still feels...melodic somehow? The style throughout the whole song draws you in at first listen, especially the bridge in the middle. Anyways, I absolutely love the lyrics, especially the chorus.

I love this song. The chorus has a catchy tune to it that draws you into the song.

One of the heaviest, most technical songs they've done! Best song off of Infamous in my opinion.

33 Everybody Sells Cocaine
34 Puppets 3

Why is this so low? This is their absolute best song and it destroys everything else they've made.

This should be first!


35 .com Pt. II

Creatures is there only good album and every song on it should be top on this list.

36 Unstoppable

This song is actually so good, but underrated

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37 The Divine Infection

How is this so low? This was the first one I heard and continues to be my favorite.

How is this so low. It is so awesome! Its just perfection

Amazing tribute to Marilyn Manson

38 Infamous

An amazing song it's just perfect

39 Apocolips

One of the most meaningful MIW songs that exists. The first time I hear it, I was left in awe (and near tears) because of the emotion in this song. It may be an old one, but it's so underrated.

40 She Never Made It to the Emergency Room

This is definitely the best song off their first album. It sounds ahead of their time as a band. It is much more mature sounding than the rest of the songs the band had this early

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