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41 Millers Oils

Independent company that uses the best quality oil, always have used it in all my vehicles and exceeds my expectations.

The best coolant

42 Lotos

Best motor oil from Poland, it's cheap and it does the job well, the engine runs smoothly and the oil keeps it clean. I have been using 10W40 oil for a long time and I can recommend it as a good and cheap as chips lubricant ever.

Its performance make me happy and its Price surprise me as well

I vote for Lotos cause its fantastic design and its performance.

I recon its number 10

43 Tulux T600

Synthetic heavy duty motor oil

44 Estremo

Highly not recommended

45 Belgin Oil
46 Galp

Best oil for portugal

47 Neste

Made in finland, very good quality especially in cold climates

48 Agip 5W-20 SUPER XL
49 Petrol Ofisi

It is very useful for my Bentley's motor

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50 Nulon

Nulon is best

Fully synthetic engine oil out performs every oil on independent test done in Germany and this oil came out on top. So I had to give it a try with surprising great results on fuel consumption decreased and engine metallic sound reduced on all aluminium alloy engine. I used many oils over the years allso no problem with Caltex Havoline and Fuchs brand and Total engine oil all great engine oils. Oil from Mobil bit expensive but another top oil just bit expensive.

51 Cam2

I have experienced the difference only when I shifted to Cam2. Very good oil.

Cam2 blueblood
one of the best winning formula for race car. its perform extreme powerful for elite synthetic 5w30. can beat Mobile1 which I stop since I replace it for cam2 blueblood

52 Veedol

Veedol oil is one of the best leading brands in india

53 HD-Gressol

The best in terms of service life..

54 Unicorn Petroleum
55 Vaisan Petroleum
56 Oilzum

It's good oil my old truck was smoking when cold star but when I use oilzum 10w40 it stoped smoking you can get it at

57 Liqui Moly

It is the best engine oil, in a road rock hit my Alfa run 20 Km whit out oil and no problems, Liqui Moly is an other High Tech Oil

It's the best motor oil ever, recommended by most of my customers, who gave very good feedback on the performance of these oils. Well done Germany.

I love this engine oil

The best oil money can buy

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