Bajaj is the most economical brand... It has always been edgy... Specially under pulsar's name... Bajaj is not about power... It has always been about styling, mileage with good performance, specially its tripple spark technology... It is leading the motorcycle sales list in India since a decade now... So my vote goes to bajaj!

I have one of the best motorcycle of this company. I really like it and I can see one day this company will be able to be in the first!

This got a stair case for female passengers to sit side ways. Female spreading the legs on a motor bike is considered as a dirty thing. When my guide told me this I was shocked. How the hell that rider rides them. I eventually realized this is ok on low speeds. Like 60 kmph. I told the guide it is the funniest thing I ever saw on a motor bike. (that stair case type foot rest) It is illegal in other countries if some one trys that . Haha. My guide told me that stair case helps women to stay modest. I said it is not about modesty it is all about male patriarchy and sexism. He didn't get it.

Bajaj is dark horse, may be you don't know the name but someone near by is riding pulsar.

Their bikes are reliable and looks ahead of its time

Bajaj has come up with great technology for bikes. Because of Bajaj, even everyday biking has become awesome. :good job bajaj:

This is the greatest brand I killed my cat in one go

I own one Bajaj Avenger and it never let me down.

Bajaj bikes is average prices in middle class

I think is 1 of the best compare to the price and technology they offer.

Cost effective performance bikes.

The most SPORT factory oriented...really true Ready to Race.

Bajaj motor vehicle who removed hero moto corp from India

Bajaj is best in performance bikes for Indian roads

"Bajaj company" is best for bikes so go for it bajaj...

I love pulsar too much it is best for mileage and power bikes in India

Bajaj company is the best company for bikes...

Bajaj is awesome super motor bike company

I have a 200 NS its really amazing performance. it has a little vibration but that only giving a best controlling capability on road. it does not giving pain like other next generation bikes even though in long travel

Bajaj has make best sports bike in India

Wonderful performance from pulsar

I own AVENGER CRUISE 220,Bajaj is one of the best motorcycle companies in the world.Price to quality ratio-after is the usp of bajaj.

My bike is DISCOVER 125. I love bajaj company, best products and best price and best Mailage, so Comfortable.

They launched 200rs its like a super machine, awesome power well maintained body and premium look.

Bajaj we love your bike
And you are the best bike company in the world
And we are waiting for you car